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Winter decorations this year, anyone else?

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Catmads Fri 02-Oct-20 09:21:24

Given how 2020's gone and the fact that I only really seem to leave the house to go to work, I've decided that I'm having winter decorations rather than just Christmas ones this year in an attempt to cheer up the dark months ahead and make home feel well, homely. grin

At the beginning of November, I'm going to put up a load of white fairy lights and dig out all the tealight holders and scented candles that I seem to have acquired over the years and put them to good use. I'm also going to change the current sensible and functional throws and cushion covers for something more luxurious and snuggly.

On the 1st December I'll put up the tree and other festive bits. I usually take Christmas decorations down on the day before New Years Eve as I like a new year, new start...

I think I'll probably leave the fairy lights etc up until at least the end of January unless I get sick of them before then!

Anyone else planning on doing similar?

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Dogwalks2 Fri 02-Oct-20 09:23:25

Great idea, I’m with you.

TeenPlusTwenties Fri 02-Oct-20 09:23:33

I always leave the white lights we put up outside until Feb half term at least.

OriginalD0G Fri 02-Oct-20 09:23:48

Not been planning to but I do like this idea. Especially the fairy lights

LeaveMyDamnJam Fri 02-Oct-20 09:27:06

I’ve been shopping on the John Lewis app. They have some lovely things.

That said, decorations don’t go up until the weekend before Christmas. When I was growing up - and the same for my DH - decorations went up on Christmas Eve, so I’m basically putting them up in summer with my rule! 🤣

crochetmonkey74 Fri 02-Oct-20 09:29:58

yes I do this - I like white fairy lights and silver tealights, but I add in some red berries and red cushions - it's like scandi nearly Christmas vibe- I love it

Agree we need home comfort through this hard winter

thebabessavedme Fri 02-Oct-20 09:34:18

I have sort of started this blush I have new sheepskin cushions and a new sheepskin throw for the sofa, tea lights in living area and candles on dinner table everynight. I have collected and am drying some thistles and seed heads from the hedgerows to make some kind of display. I have also said that the decs will be going up on the 1st dec. I have also made sloe gin and blackberry vodka.

OriginalD0G Fri 02-Oct-20 09:35:24

@ thebabessavedme where did you get your sheepskin cushions and throw from they sound lush

SnuggyBuggy Fri 02-Oct-20 09:39:07

I think plain white lights in the darker months is a nice tradition.

thebabessavedme Fri 02-Oct-20 09:57:19

I got the cushions in TKMax and the sheepskin throw from a little interiors shop in spitalfields, sorry I can remember the name but if you google there are quite a few sellers that diversify their farm products, they look very good quality.

thebabessavedme Fri 02-Oct-20 09:58:21

'can't' remember! doh!

Catmads Fri 02-Oct-20 10:08:55

@thebabessavedme I love your idea of a dried display, I have a massive fir tree in my garden and have a stack of dried cones in the shed that I never usually get around to doing anything with, maybe this is their year!
Also liking the idea of sheepskin cushions.

I think I'll pinch your idea of red berries to go with my cones @crochetmonkey74,and your red cushions have also reminded me that I already have some red throws at the back of the cupboard.

This could end up be a lot cheaper than I thought!

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Teacup34 Fri 02-Oct-20 10:10:19

I've been thinking the same! So I'm going to treat myself to some nice scented candles, soft cushions and a fluffy rug also I will be putting fairy light on the fireplace and in the dining room.

thebabessavedme Fri 02-Oct-20 12:46:30

thats the thing @Catmads, I am trying to make our home really cosy this winter, I'm guessing that dh and I won't be getting out much in the evenings hmm but I'm pretty certain it won't have to cost a fortune to do - I have had a bit of a declutter, cleaned the windows (we are in an industrial apartment conversion so can look too stark and modern), dug out cosy bed throws and got some soya candles for the bedrooms and bought new squashy pillows, I'm also looking for new recipies for evening meals just to try and ring some changes.

I just feel that this year has been so bloody shitty we all need a boost and having a lovely home can help.

Catmads Thu 29-Oct-20 08:35:39

So, Sunday is the 1st November. I'm in all day waiting for a my new washing machine to be delivered (7am -7pm cannot justify paying £45 for a 4 hour slot!) and so I'm going to get cracking on mission homeliness.

I was off yesterday and blitzed the living room, moved furniture around to make space for the tree in December and generally got ready to put up the lights and get the candles out.

I purchased two dark blue denim pouffes from Amazon which are briiliant for putting your feet up on if the cats haven't got there first...
I already had some denim blue coloured cushion covers and some white fluffy ones that I have never used so I'm going to put them together with my red throws.

I really want some dried Seaholly (blue) to go with some stems of red berries I purchased to go in a tall metallic ombre vase but it's proving a bit illusive right now.

I've also found some winter themed pot pourri that I must have been given at some point and I'm planning on putting it in a clear square vase I have.

Anyone else? smile

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Lostthetastefordahlias Thu 29-Oct-20 13:41:57

This is an amazing idea! Thank you!

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