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What's for dinner?

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paintmywholehousepink Thu 01-Oct-20 16:49:46

Need some inspo!

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EternalOptimist7 Thu 01-Oct-20 16:52:09

Cottage pie. I add baked beans & mild curry powder plus do cheesy mash on top. Always a winner!

carolebaskinfedhimtothetigers Thu 01-Oct-20 16:53:20

Sweet and sour chicken stir fry

AdaColeman Thu 01-Oct-20 16:54:47

Chicken pie. Lemon drizzle cake for pudding. wine wine

midsomermurderess Thu 01-Oct-20 16:55:56

Sag Aloo.

Appuskidu Thu 01-Oct-20 16:56:26

Homemade curry.

foxessocks Thu 01-Oct-20 16:56:40

Jacket potatoes with cheese and beans / tuna sweetcorn depending what people want

alangarneristerrifying Thu 01-Oct-20 16:57:00

Banana and pb sandwiches

Susannahmoody Thu 01-Oct-20 16:57:18


TeddyIsaHe Thu 01-Oct-20 16:57:19

Moussaka and salad. Can’t wait

positivelynegative Thu 01-Oct-20 16:57:54

Quick massaman curry. One of my faves

Ninkanink Thu 01-Oct-20 16:57:55

Chilli, spicy potato wedges and chipotle ranch dip.

Plus beer.

Therealjudgejudy Thu 01-Oct-20 16:58:16

Pasta with broccoli and cheese sauce

Bahhh Thu 01-Oct-20 16:59:26

I'm going to attempt to make a pasta sauce from feta and serve with some ropey artichokes...

OrangeGinLemonFanta Thu 01-Oct-20 16:59:28

Kids had hot lunches when they were out and I haven't been to the shops so its toast, ham, carrot sticks and hard boiled eggs.

LajesticVantrashell Thu 01-Oct-20 16:59:31

Lamb & rosemary sausages, sweet potato mash and veg.

Goldensunnydays81 Thu 01-Oct-20 16:59:38

Chicken noodle stir fry!
Just trying to do a meal plan so going to get some inspiration from here

JustMeG Thu 01-Oct-20 16:59:45

Jacket potatoes with Spanish chicken.

LemonandLavender Thu 01-Oct-20 17:01:36

Fresh fusilli, Chicken, broccoli and mushrooms in pesto cream sauce with a little chilli and a lot of black pepper, with garlic bread. It's one of my favourite dinners.

Swishswish26 Thu 01-Oct-20 17:02:05

Prawn stir fry for dh and I, steak pie for the dc.

Crinkledbeetroot Thu 01-Oct-20 17:02:13

Burrito bowl

badlydrawnbear Thu 01-Oct-20 17:03:03


WellTidy Thu 01-Oct-20 17:05:00

Homemade pizzas (dough and sauce made from scratch) and salad. It’s one of our favourites and I am always surprised how relatively healthy homemade pizzas are compared to the (absolutely heavenly, nonetheless) takeaway from a local independent pizza place.

TokenGinger Thu 01-Oct-20 17:07:16

I'm trying something new tonight, a chicken lasagne made with spinach and ricotta. I'll be interested to see how it works out. It might be Papa John's by 7pm grin

Ninkanink Thu 01-Oct-20 17:19:58

For further inspiration here’s what we’ve had previously this week:

Korean ox tail broth, with hot seasoning paste, rice and kimchi

Spaghetti with mussels in olive oil with lemon, garlic, parsley and chilli

Tomorrow we’ll have ‘3 sisters’ (tomato, aubergine and pepper stuffed with minced beef, rice and herbs)

Saturday will be sausages and mash with gravy and Savoy cabbage fried in butter

Sunday will be roast chicken with tarragon butter, with crushed garlic potatoes, roast parsnips and carrots

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