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Threadworm hell - advice needed ASAP please

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Dustydolly Wed 30-Sep-20 16:05:25

My dc has had threadworms since Saturday night, he had his first dose of ovex then but he is still crawling at night (tmi sorry) with them 4 days later, he's been screaming in pain with chronic diarrhoea every night since. I went to the pharmacy yesterday evening to see if there was anything else I could give him to be told there is only ovex and to give him another dose yesterday evening which I've done. He's just gone for a poo now and there are loads of them still alive all over his poo! May sound drastic but I'm sitting here in tears as I know there is another night of hell with him in pain. Why the hell isn't this ovex working? I'm waiting for a call back from the GP cos this can't be right. I've been following a strict cleaning and hygiene routine since Saturday to prevent a re-infection but can't even get rid of this current one.
Has anyone got any advice of how they got rid or if it's normal for ovex not to work cos I'm panicking this is gonna go on for ages.
Sorry for the gross thread.

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PineappleIceCream Wed 30-Sep-20 16:08:35

My son has had them quite a few times, seems to be prone to them! Ovex does work but can take a bit of time. My son used to apply coconut oil to the effected area after a shower before bed which meant the saliva from the worms which makes you itch didn’t have contact with his skin, I found it really helped.

minipie Wed 30-Sep-20 16:12:54

If the worms are coming out in his poo then it probably is working as usually they would cling to his insides and don’t come out in the poo. Hopefully will improve in a day or two. Sounds like he had a bad infection, poor thing

Make sure you dose again 14 days from the first dose as that is when any left over eggs will have hatched and be fertile again (actually I do 12 days to be safer) and you may even want to do another one 12-14 days after that.

Whole family must take the ovex as well. Cut nails short , regular changes of bedding, pjs, pants - all washed on hot wash to kill worm eggs. Any much loved soft toys may need boiling water too. Avoid playdoh and sandpits. Tell nursery if he goes so they can keep him away from messy play stuff.

Dustydolly Wed 30-Sep-20 16:12:55

Thank you! I tried vaseline, sudocream and coconut oil last night but they didn't help, he's crying in pain it's not just an itch so don't know what to do. He's been wetting and pooing himself every night as he's pushing down there so much as it's irritating him so much.

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Fuckityfucksake Wed 30-Sep-20 16:43:28

Ahh op it's awful but yes the Ovex can take a little while.
My youngest used to get them regularly when he was small.
Never had an upset tummy with it though.
Like a poster above I used to use a cream around his anus, quite thick to try and stop the discomfort of itching (and to drown the little bastards I hoped) Sudacrem most often but also used coconut oil too.
I hope it eases for your son soon.

Fuckityfucksake Wed 30-Sep-20 16:46:12

Just read your update after posting.
I wonder if he has had them for a fair amount of time and it's become more of an infestation in large numbers hence the pain and diarrhoea.

minipie Wed 30-Sep-20 18:38:12

Poor thing, it may be the diarrhoea that’s making him sore as it can be a bit acidic. If he’s at home with you can you wash his bottom after poos just to make sure it’s all off the skin? Regular sudocrem should help too.

Haworthia Thu 01-Oct-20 13:34:31

I would want to speak to a GP if I were you too. The pain and incontinence sounds very extreme. My concern, as someone has mentioned, is that it’s a particularly severe infestation which needs proper medical attention beyond Ovex.

Good luck.

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