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Should I message the schoolB

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BertieDrapper Wed 30-Sep-20 16:00:10

So DD started reception this September. She loves it and we are really pleased with the school so far.... there is just one issue that is on my mind that I'm thinking of emailing the school about but I'm not sure there really is a resolution...

Since she started parents have had to wear masks on site. Reception parents queue at 2 different doors depending on the class. The teachers line the kids up behind a gate. They open the gate and children are sent out to the parent at the front of the Queue .... if you see what I mean .
The teachers are obviously only just getting to know parents and since we are wearing masks it can be difficult to tell who someone is. So twice the teacher has tried to send a different child out to either myself or my husband. When it happened to me, the teacher only realised when I said "that's not my child"
We've had to really tell our DD that she must never walk out the gate unless she can see us! Which can be difficult as the gate is at a bit of a bottle neck.... which is a another issue in itself!
Today a teacher or TA was just coming up to parents and asking who they were picking up... she couldn't hear because of the masks and was getting very close to parents.
As DD is in reception this is my first experience of school pick ups but I had thought they were meant to be quite hot on making sure only nominated people were doing the pick ups! Surely anyone could turn up and say "I'm here to pick up joe bloggs" and just walk off unhindered.

Should I be "that parent" and say something?

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OytheBumbler Wed 30-Sep-20 16:21:12

I think you have to trust the teachers to a certain extent. Children wont just blindly go with whatever adult claims them and the teacher/TA will be checking the child is happy to go to the adult.

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