Foam/latex mattresses - any recommendations?

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YogaLite Wed 30-Sep-20 14:17:56

Trying to replace old comfy latex mattress but the new latex one i bought has zones and gave me back pain so need to return it.

Unfortunately the one I had is no longer available, it seems to me that latex mattresses have been over-engineered and I can't find any that don't have zones anymore.

I don't want a spring or hybrid or memory foam mattress and to make it worse, the bed size is euro-king, slightly wider than UK king (by 10cm).

Does anyone know if plain (non-zonal) latex/foam mattresses still exist or is there anywhere where plain latex foam can be cut to size for the mattress?

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YogaLite Wed 30-Sep-20 14:21:13

Oh, and the mattress needs to be fairly thin, less than 20cm...

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Ceciliab Sun 07-Mar-21 23:43:09

Hi wondering if you got anywhere with finding a non zoned latex mattress?

YogaLite Mon 08-Mar-21 00:04:11

I did find a company that can make up a non-zonal latex mattress but it was still quite expensive. They suggested 2 layers, one medium and one firm which made total sense but I wasn't able to see or test it so didn't buy in the end. The company is called Foam for comfort. My bed is euro size so they would have had to make it as a one-off, ie non-returnable.

Latexsense do toppers which are quite thin but my old one was also thin so would have been ok.

But in the end decided to buy a temporary reflex foam mattress as planning to move next year and then I will get a new UK size bed and probably that latex one from Foam for comfort.

Reflex foam mattress had an awful smell initially (u couldn't have slept on it), but ok after a few days.

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seepingweeping Mon 08-Mar-21 08:18:53

I have this one op

YogaLite Mon 08-Mar-21 09:53:30

Good to see positive reviews for extra firm, was a bit worried whether to go for firm so my current one is medium firm but next year will go for at least firm.

Even the latex has changed somewhat since I bought mine decades ago. It was medium soft on the label but nowadays would be in the firm range (going by medium firm foam I have now).

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Ceciliab Wed 10-Mar-21 22:39:02

Thank you for that - i have just ordered the mist basic one from latex sense and i som Also Dubious about it being zoned ..let’s see - which reflex did you go for at the end? I’m so difficult with mattresses..


YogaLite Wed 10-Mar-21 22:51:50

I tried medium soft with 7 zones but had to return it, it gave me awful back pain right from 1st night as my bum was sinking too much.

It was tricky for me to find the euro size, so in the end got reflex foam from Happybeds as an interim measure till I get my move organised.

Apart from the smell, it is more comfortable and easier to manoeuvre than the latex one I tried.

I would be interested to hear how u get on with yours.

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Ceciliab Sat 13-Mar-21 08:28:19

Mine is arriving in Tuesday so we’ll see - I m all for basic as well which seems hard this days! I’ve ordered the most basic one 15cm one - and usually also have a problem with mattresses too soft/ too hard. I’ve been staggering to find something for the last couple of years one.. I’ll keep you posted

YogaLite Sun 14-Mar-21 23:50:27

Oooh, exciting smile
I suppose each structure and people's preferences are different but my current reflex foam is medium firm and I wouldn't go any softer for me.

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