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Would you report this to the police

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Windywendys Wed 30-Sep-20 12:58:57

Not sure about it and just talking to a friend and she says I should.

About 2 weeks ago I was driving home after the school drop. I live semi rural so lots of tractors on the road.

I was driving down road behind a tractor that was doing 20mph I’d looked in my rear mirror and there was nothing behind me. The other side of the road became clear and I indicated to over take and started to. As I started to pull out I checked my right wing mirror ( I know I should have checked before) and a white car had come up fast and was attempting to over take us both shock.

As if only just started to move out I was able to slow down and nudge back to the left. The white car hadn’t reached my back right yet so he still could of gone round us both if he was determined too. Road was wide.

But he dropped back in behind me.

Tractor turned left and left the road. When I checked my mirror white car had come very close behind me so that I couldn’t see the number plate. I could see him very clearly. For the next two miles he can’t very close to me then dropped back and was flashing his lights or keeping them on.

I turned left at the traffic lights and so did he. I turned in to my road which is like a side road that you only really go down if you live there. So did he. You have to go very slow down this road as there are lots of elderly, dog walkers and it’s very tight.

I started to slow down and indicate that I was pulling in at my house and so did he. At this point I started shutting my self and thinking ‘shit this guy is really following me’

So I carried on driving and went past my house and over a ridiculously small bridge that you have to beep when you go over it. Beeped so did he. It was ridiculous as the speed limit is 10mph so we where basically crawling. I followed the road round and got back on to the main road and decided to drive straight to the near by police station. He was still behind me coming up then dropping back and flashing his lights. I called my DH on the car phone and he told me to go straight to his office incase the police station was shut so when I could at a junction I did a U-Turn and the dickhead behind me did too. I felt sick and went hot because he really was following me.

Dh office was back down the original road where I had first encountered him so I headed that way. He must have realised I wasn’t going home and going some where else when I got back on to the road he actually started following me on ( but further up) and turned off in to a residential area.

He had his arm resting on the inside in the window the entire time and looked relaxed but with a weird closed lipped smile. Dh drove down the road to see if he could see the car but couldn’t blush

It really unnerved me for days thinking he might drive back to where I slowed down at my house and see my car and know where I live but what can the police do. My friend thinks I should report it incase he does this to women a lot.

What do you think

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Windywendys Wed 30-Sep-20 13:01:22

Sorry for typos! He followed me for 8 miles too blush

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PilliChant Wed 30-Sep-20 13:02:07

I would, I think.

WitsEnding Wed 30-Sep-20 13:04:28

Agree with your friend, report to 101 with all the information you have. He may have done it before

MJMG2015 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:05:35

I would. I'm surprised neither you nor your DH did it at the time tbh

I'm glad you had the sense not to go home.

thedaytodayyesterday Wed 30-Sep-20 13:06:13

I would absolutely report this to the police yes

Coriandersucks Wed 30-Sep-20 13:08:22

You could report it but I doubt they would be able to do anything - you don’t have any details other than it was a white car and it happened two weeks ago.

He sounds like a dick who gets off on intimidating lone female drivers.

Windywendys Wed 30-Sep-20 13:12:21


You could report it but I doubt they would be able to do anything - you don’t have any details other than it was a white car and it happened two weeks ago.

He sounds like a dick who gets off on intimidating lone female drivers.

I know the make of the car and I can get the correct date and time.

Yes I think he was definitely getting off on it. I once I got in the house I was raging with my self for not doing something other than drive round in a fucking circle ..

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Tempusfudgeit Wed 30-Sep-20 13:14:05

I'd be wary of mentioning that you called your husband. In an emergency you're only allowed to call 999 whilst driving. Well done for not stopping at home, did you get the number plate when he pulled back? Otherwise there's not much for the police to go on. I once got followed on my way home at night. I pulled up outside the local police station. It was a very nice chap who wanted to tell me both my rear lights were out and was keeping me safe until we reached a lit area.

billyt Wed 30-Sep-20 14:29:44


hands free???

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