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Newmummy07 Tue 29-Sep-20 22:27:19

Maternity/Traumatic birth/ hospital negligence
Hi smile I looking for anyone who has been in the same or similar position Who have complained to the hospital and taken their complaint to the ombudsman. Now I have two options 1st is to let the ombudsman investigate and then decide an outcome. 2nd option is to have a dispute resolution meeting. Any help and advise would be much appreciatedsmile

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Meruem Tue 29-Sep-20 23:19:00

Generally the ombudsman would require you to go through all the steps with the hospital first. Have they agreed to take on your case? If not they will likely expect you to have this meeting then go to them if it still isn’t resolved. When you make a complaint to the ombudsman you have to be very specific about the harm that’s been caused, listing any mental or physical effects. It’s quite a long winded process.

Newmummy07 Wed 30-Sep-20 09:52:39

Meriden thank you for your replysmile I have been through the hospital complaints system and the ombudsman said they would like to proceed further however I must decide what option to go for. I have had a meeting previously with the hospital regarding the complaint however the hospital didn’t want to try to resolve my concerns. They didn’t take my complaint seriously.The ombudsman have offered another meeting with them to try again And said it would be different this time as they would be there. It’s a tough decision as I could choose to let the ombudsman investigate and let them decide on a outcome. Thank you 😊

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