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Advise needed for first eBay sale please

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Reykjavikagain Tue 29-Sep-20 18:09:45

Within 5 minutes of my first item going live I received a message asking if I’d accept an offer. I listed it starting at £46 as eBay recommended and this buyer offered £100. I’m not too sure about the real value of the item but I’m guessing if the auction runs the full 6 days I’d reach more than this ? Also is it even allowed for me to accept such an offer as I’ve not added the buy now option? Thanks

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Krook Tue 29-Sep-20 18:13:10

If you had a message that quickly I would be checking to make sure you've priced the item correctly as it could be worth more than you think. Search for your item and filter by 'sold items' and you might get a better idea. Don't accept any offers yet! There is an eBay section in the topics where you might be better posting this question.

ragged Tue 29-Sep-20 18:20:05

omg - increase your start price to £100 & thank the buyer for their interest but decline by saying "It's too early to accept offers."

Reykjavikagain Tue 29-Sep-20 18:20:32

Thanks Kook. It was the eBay recommendation I went with for the starting price. I hope if it’s worth a lot more the bids will eventually reach something reasonable. I won’t accept the £100 offer. I started a thread on the eBay section but didn’t get a response and I wanted some quick advice. But thanks for mentioning it. Will definitely go take a look on there.

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Reykjavikagain Tue 29-Sep-20 18:21:50

ragged. Can I change the starting price after you’ve listed something and it’s live ?

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ragged Tue 29-Sep-20 21:01:40

Should be able to revise any detail of the listing as long as there are no bids yet, and > 24 hours before finish of auction.

Reykjavikagain Tue 29-Sep-20 22:37:09

Thanks ragged. I’ve already had bids but will be better prepared in future.

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Thelnebriati Tue 29-Sep-20 22:55:46

If there are bids you can't accept their offer without ending the auction, and afaik thats a best offer scam (there are several).

Thelnebriati Tue 29-Sep-20 22:58:48

There's also a bid retract scam so watch out for that.

Ignore the first few replies and scroll down;

Emeraldshamrock Tue 29-Sep-20 23:00:21

Sounds like a scam.

Reykjavikagain Tue 29-Sep-20 23:06:54

Thanks for the scams warning. It’s a real minefield for the inexperienced I can see .

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Thelnebriati Tue 29-Sep-20 23:36:02

I'm afraid it is, but there is a good community forum so don't be afraid to post on there if you have any doubts on what to do.

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