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Help me with my cough!

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sugarwithcoffeeandcream Tue 29-Sep-20 16:22:26

I've got a non-Covid awful cough (negative test, full on cold symptoms).
I've got cough medicine, and I've been making lemon and honey drinks.
My throat hurts anyway and this just makes it worse. Once a coughing fit starts it goes on for bloody ages and I'm sick of it now.

What else can I do?

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Calabasa Tue 29-Sep-20 16:26:17

menthol and/or throat sweets, blow your nose, drink plenty, take lemsips. Coughs are more often caused by a post nasal drip than actual throat irritation

There really isn't much else you can do.

BF2748 Wed 30-Sep-20 00:27:47

Swallow the honey, it costs the throats lovely and helps with any soreness in the throat and I have found it’s helped ease coughs. I don’t take medication/cough syrups so have found this to be most effective.

MJMG2015 Wed 30-Sep-20 00:30:39


Poor thing. Hope it's much better by the morning!

MinnieJackson Wed 30-Sep-20 00:33:49

put menthol on your chest and back, and soles of your feet. Sup warm ☕. If you have an inhaler use it. Pull your pillows up high to sleep

TiddyTid Wed 30-Sep-20 00:35:32

Vicks vapouring on the sea of your feet, then put thick socks on

TiddyTid Wed 30-Sep-20 00:35:54


TiddyTid Wed 30-Sep-20 00:36:33

*soles of your feet.

Jesus wept bloody phone

PurplePansy05 Wed 30-Sep-20 00:37:10

Prop yourself up on your pillows, OP.

Warm water with honey now, you can add lemon and ginger in the morning and have some more. Make sure you keep hydrated.

Gurgle your throat with salted warm (boil first, wait for it to cool down) water. A bit of salt or bicarbonate soda will do.

Inhalation perhaps?

Avoid milk and dairy now.

Icelandic fishermens lozenges are good but they blow your socks off, v strong.

PurplePansy05 Wed 30-Sep-20 00:38:19

Wrap up your throat warm with a light scarf overnight and put warm pjs on. This really helps me when I feel the way you've described.

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