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OutOnMyArse Tue 29-Sep-20 12:48:27

NC for this in case anyone in RL recognises me from previous posts, but today I've been put on redundancy warning as my employer is restructuring. Well over a decade with the company, most of my adult life. There's potential to reapply for one of the newly created combined roles but reading the descriptions I'm not sure I want to. I'd either be taking a big step back, or a step into a more complex and pressured direction I'm not sure I want, and of course no guarantee that I'd get either role as we'll be shedding a number of people all in the same position and likely to apply.

We had an idea it was coming as my industry has been hard hit by Covid but naively I'd considered myself pretty safe due to my length of service and flexibility (I've worked a number of roles in the company in my time).

So, apart from going directly to the pub when we finish today to drown our sorrows, what do I do now?

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