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Help with google family link please

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Seriouslymole Mon 28-Sep-20 23:26:31

Very long tedious story but I have set up my DS' phone with his google family link but have lost the phone that has the family manager app on it. Is there any way and anywhere I can log into it from online? I can't seem to see anything. Any suggestions gratefully received!

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SomeHalfHumanCreatureThing Mon 28-Sep-20 23:35:17

You should be able to log in with the Google account that is linked to family link. Have you tried doing that on another device? should help.

omg35 Mon 28-Sep-20 23:36:10

Not sure but their live chat is awesome and super helpful if you need it!

Seriouslymole Tue 29-Sep-20 07:35:10

Thanks everyone. Managed to get it all sorted.

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