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I started my own business. It's going well but I'm exhausted!

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orientalknife Mon 28-Sep-20 22:04:55

Any tips on how to manage work/life balance?
How to switch off and unwind?

I find I'm constantly thinking about it and I'm online a lot more.

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LockdownLemon Mon 28-Sep-20 23:42:32

That's normal for a business startup. Make sure you have a separate work space you can close the door on at the end of the day.
As you get more established you will be shocked to switch off more at the end of the day, but not much. It's one of the pains/joys of running your own business.

BF2748 Tue 29-Sep-20 00:07:05

Congratulations on your business especially more so that it’s going well! It’s can be so hard to switch off it’s all about creating new habits and routine.

Are you working from home? If so you need your designated space, set work hours and once you’ve finished leave it until the following day.

I’ll list some things that help me - not all may work for you but may give you some ideas.

Working from home- get out of the house for a walk, usually I do this mid-day, it splits up the morning and afternoon for me and it gives me chance to think about other things. Precovid I would meet a friend for lunch just to balance out my day.

Set a schedule and stick to it- I plan my hours to the T. At the end of the working day anything I’ve not completed gets put on a list for the following day. I also put personal plans on my schedule.

How you start the day will set your day up- schedule your own routine first. I have a power hour, 20mins reading, 20mins of light exercise I do yoga 20mins of mediation and journaling. I do 10mins of each. Sometimes I switch it up completely and just watch tv for an hour 😂 I won’t check my phone until I’m at my desk this includes social media and emails.

Meditation/Yoga/Mindfulness - truly does help. Help me with my business in terms of clarity, more relaxed. I meditate in the morning then of evening before bed. The main thing for the evening is it allows me to switch off from work but it does overall help me manage stress so I don’t feel out of balance as much.

Plan things for your free time so you have something to think about other than work. It doesn’t have to be anything major but even if it’s speaking to a friend on the phone for an hour in the evening, cooking a new recipe, watching a film.

Have a notepad to hand for your ideas or notes page on your phone and make brief points then set an afternoon a week/fortnight/ once a month whatever works for you, to go over your ideas and reviews of sales, marketing etc. This means you can make a quick note about it and revisit it at a later date to save it going around in your head or working on it immediately.

Prioritise your tasks so that the big ones get done first thing, for me if I leave big tasks to the afternoon it seems to take me more time which means less personal time.

Remember why you started, your a business owner so there will be times where you work more on one day than another, sometimes you may have to work into the night but remember you should have more freedom and flexibility. So make your day work for you.

Get to bed at a reasonable time, I don’t think people realise how many hats are worn and how much brain power it takes. Make sure you rest, don’t check your emails or anything work related before bed, and don’t work from bed either. Make sure to look after yourself interms of eating right and taking vit/mineral supplements.

Learn to think about what you truly want, what you’re working towards. It makes a huge difference in deciding what needs to be done in the day to reach those goals. Look at things like it’s not personally anything to do with you- You’re a person, your business is separate to you- this is my best tool for ridding shoddy ideas I may love but would be otherwise flat.

It takes time to figure out what works best, you’ll learn your own limits and you’ll learn your own routine that works.

orientalknife Tue 29-Sep-20 07:12:06

Great ideas, really appreciate it

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