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ASD adult and struggling

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UselessASD Mon 28-Sep-20 18:41:51

I posted in SEN chat and no response so posting here as I’m feeling low. This post is prompted by a recent problem at my flat which I am renting (I’m tenant) but away 6 months due to Covid with my parents. If I had the skills to meet the neighbours and give them a spare key or ask care taker to pop in this might not have happened. Now I must do that, give up flat or go back there (200 miles)

I have ASD. Adult diagnosed (40s) and so no social training or help. I may appear alright on the outside, have a job, but I do not have almost any social skills to meet new people or cope with unstructured talk. My DParents support me with everything. Plucking up the courage to know on doors just to get help with a lightbulb was a Hugh deal for me. I know it isn’t going to change.

Who could I approach for support and how do I persuade them things are serious? social care assessment but I know I’m on the low end, same for Pip.
Please be gentle and know that my DPARENTS are doing their best and worried. . This is affecting my MH. I know my parents are very worried but also aren’t always helpful. My mother said it would not have happened why can’t I just get to know a neighbour and leave a key with them
Don’t read below if a bit squeamish)
DMsaid a really helpful thing that if I had died in my flat I wouldn’t even have a cat to gnaw my face.
We’ve all apologised to each other but I truly hate myself.

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ponygirlcurtis Mon 28-Sep-20 18:58:02

I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed by life stuff that other people seem to find so easy (I am about to embark on the process of trying to get a diagnosis). I don't know what the issue is with your flat so not sure what to advise there, but hopefully if you can do something to manage your anxiety it will help you be able to decide what to do - I can't make decisions when I feel anxious. And longer term, it might be worth looking into support groups for adults with ASD or something like that, they might be able to signpost to other resources. Take care. flowers

SuperLoudPoppingAction Mon 28-Sep-20 19:25:25

It depends on your area where you would go for support.
Some areas have more than others.

I wrote a diary of where I struggle for a pip application and it helped me articulate to others that I do have difficulties with things.

If i did get pip, it could help with specialist mentoring for autistic people etc.

I'm in Scotland and I do a yoga for mental health class that's running via zoom until January.

Wherever you are, I think the Swan (scottish women's autism network i think) fb page tends to have good articles etc.

UselessASD Mon 28-Sep-20 23:03:53

Thank you both. I hate being me right now. I will look at Swan for ideas.

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ponygirlcurtis Tue 29-Sep-20 08:20:05

Can I also recommend the Scottish Autism's Right Click programme - I am also in Scotland and I have been working my way through their Women and Girls one, which has lots of videos about the different experience and presentation of women, really helped me. Hope you are doing better today.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Tue 29-Sep-20 08:52:18*@fijay1975*/taking-the-long-way-round-30515f6351ba this is one of the most affirming things I've read recently. From the Swan page.

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