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Middle name suggestions for Lydia please

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Applepieandcustardandicecrem Mon 28-Sep-20 18:05:25

Middle name suggestions for Lydia please.
I love Lydia Celine but when I say it out loud it sounds like Listerine!

Lydia Kate I also love.
Irene was my dear grandmother's name ,would Lydia Irene go together??


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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Mon 28-Sep-20 18:06:32

Lydia Nadine

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles Mon 28-Sep-20 18:08:02

Lydia Dustbin


SandyGussetButton Mon 28-Sep-20 18:08:58

Lydia Rose

Xuli Mon 28-Sep-20 18:08:58

Go full Jane Austen with Marianne?

titbumwillypoo Mon 28-Sep-20 18:09:14


halfgirlhalfturnip Mon 28-Sep-20 18:11:00


Fivemoreminutes1 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:18:21

Lydia Celeste
Lydia Jolene

lentilsforlunch Mon 28-Sep-20 18:19:20


SkepticalCat Mon 28-Sep-20 18:20:19

Lydia Anne

deflationexasperation Mon 28-Sep-20 18:24:28

Clem, clemmie, clemebtibe.

Lydia clem.

Jourdain11 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:35:50

Lydia Marine
(I knew someone at school with these names and I still think it is a gorgeous combo!)

HanPanPeg Mon 28-Sep-20 18:41:26

Lydia katherine

Kpo58 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:43:39

I also think Rose

Kanaloa Mon 28-Sep-20 18:43:54

Lydia Kate is really nice, I would go with that. I met a very cute toddler named Lydia Rose and thought that was also nice although Rose is very popular as a middle name.

speakfriendandenter Mon 28-Sep-20 18:55:32

Lydia Jane?

CormoranStrike Mon 28-Sep-20 18:58:02

Lydia juliet
Lydia jane
Lydia anne

pilates Mon 28-Sep-20 19:00:15

Lydia Catherine
Lydia Charlotte
Lydia Emmeline

ifigoup Mon 28-Sep-20 19:01:38

Lydia Kate is sweet. Or how about

Lydia Ruth
Lydia Maeve
Lydia June
Lydia Astrid
Lydia Florence
Lydia Charlotte
Lydia Hannah

Applepieandcustardandicecrem Mon 28-Sep-20 19:01:46

Thanks for ideas
Lydia Katherine is lovely as is Lydia Rose
Will consider all of these thank you again.

Barbara is also a family name of a lovely aunt but not sure I would like it as a middle name.

What do you think of Lydia Juliet? I love Juliet !!

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Applepieandcustardandicecrem Mon 28-Sep-20 19:02:22

Or Lydia Grace but I know Grace is popular as a middle name, it is beautiful though

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Applepieandcustardandicecrem Mon 28-Sep-20 19:02:52

Lydia Florence is gorgeous
Thank you

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Redandyellowandpinkandgreenora Mon 28-Sep-20 19:02:59

Lydia Violet
Lydia Nina
Lydia Joy
Lydia Fern
Lydia Pearl (love this one!)

Redandyellowandpinkandgreenora Mon 28-Sep-20 19:03:46

Lydia Juliet is lovely too smile

TeddyIsaHe Mon 28-Sep-20 19:04:13

Lydia Elizabeth
Lydia Margaret
Lydia Aurelia

Rose/Grace is so overdone. Every other girl has one of them for a middle name!

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