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Is Crawley really such a dump?

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SpikeyBaby Mon 28-Sep-20 17:15:00

We will need to move house in the next few months. Crawley is in the middle of all the places we need to be regularly so it would seem to make sense to look around there. Plus, our budget is tight-ish for the SE (max £450k) and in the lovelier places round about (eg Horsham) you get a lot less for your money.

But whenever I mention it to people I get a sharp intake of breath and a 'why would you want to move there?' response! The consensus seems to be that no one in their right mind would choose to move to Crawley.

For context, I currently live in another commuter town that gets the same sort of response, but I know there are lots of lovely pockets that people who don't live there probably wouldn't know about.

So, come on Crawleyites (Crawlers? grin) - is there any part of your town that you think is actually a little gem, where I could get a lovely bright, spacious 3-bed with a decent garden for under £450k?

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NataliaOsipova Mon 28-Sep-20 17:17:39

I honestly don’t know, as I have never been, but my colleague who lives that way always refers to it as “Creepy Crawley”, which always makes me laugh! Not a terribly helpful contribution there...😂

TremendousWitch Mon 28-Sep-20 17:22:20

I call it Creepy Crawley too! Tilgate Park is lovely, if you could find somewhere near there it would be great to have that on tour doorstep.
Avoid Broadfield and Bewbush.

TremendousWitch Mon 28-Sep-20 17:23:02

I don't live there but I know it fairly well.

Llamapolice Mon 28-Sep-20 17:27:24

I reckon it will be hit hard by covid because it's dependent on the airport for jobs. I only know the centre, it seemed just ok really.

handmademitlove Mon 28-Sep-20 17:32:38

Are you looking for schools? that would make a difference to what areas to look at.

Like all towns, there are good and not so good areas. If you are already in a town it won't be much different I wouldn't think! Good amenities, good transport links, easy access to the south coast, Brighton, south downs.

I am not sure it deserves it's reputation any more than any other similar town..

WhyAreThereNoNamesLeft Mon 28-Sep-20 17:33:48

It’s perfectly nice, just more working class than surrounding towns so they get snobby about it (but they still come to Crawley to use the fantastic leisure centre, cinema, Tilgate Park, Buchan Park, and for work). Although maybe close your eyes a little as you walk round the town centre!

Nice areas - Maidenbower, pound Hill, Ifield Green (around the old village). Most 3 beds are below £450k.

The local economy is a bit of a worry but it’s bounced back before and it will again.

DENMAN03 Mon 28-Sep-20 17:45:00

I live in Crawley. There are bad parts to any town and I think it has an unfair reputation. It's not as fancy as Horsham but that's reflected hugely in the house prices. The older parts are the nicest, with several being conservation areas..
If you like Victorian properties then Southgate has lovely ones and is very close to the town centre... Three bridges is nice for bigger or 1920's style. Lots of ex local authority built in the 50's when Crawley was a new town being developed. Great value for money, with large rooms and gardens. If you want newer builds then Maidenbower and the new development at Kilnwood Vale are nice.

SpikeyBaby Mon 28-Sep-20 17:55:40

@handmademitlove, no not looking for schools, sorry should've said!

So is Ifield ok? Properties there do seem to be quite cheap (relatively speaking) so i did wonder if it was a bit dodgy.

Not a fan of new build really, would prefer something with a bit of character, even if that's 50s/60s character!

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WhyAreThereNoNamesLeft Mon 28-Sep-20 18:33:49

Ifield is a mixture - there’s the old village, the 1950s new town commission houses, and ifield west which was early 1980s London overspill and is probably the bit that is cheaper. It’s got access to countryside walks and there’s a more village/ community feel with the church, amateur dramatics group, the pubs and annual (usually) village fair.

CheeseAndBeans Mon 28-Sep-20 19:39:20

I like living in crawley. Yes it can get a bad rep and has some slightly less desirable parts but same as every other town.
The town is pretty decent, good leisure Centre, cinema, theatre, nice pubs/restaurants. I love some of the parks - tilgate, buchan Park
And the fact I can be in the countryside in a few minutes. I can be either in London or on the coast in half an hour or so by train which is fab.
Pound hill, worth, maidenbower are seen as the nicer areas. Bewbush, Broadfield not so much. Ifield is nice. Older part is lovely, nearer the shops not so much. But I would suggest any part of crawley to avoid being too close to local shops/pub!

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