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Comfortable snow boots recommendation?

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LuckyAmy1986 Mon 28-Sep-20 11:24:45

If anyone has one, I would appreciate it. I want something comfortable for long winter walks. I like the look of these

But that's a bit pricey!

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Caspianberg Mon 28-Sep-20 11:29:11

They aren’t great if your walking on non snow surfaces etc pavement. I found the rubber wears down quickly if not on snow. Sorrel did replace mine twice after they wore flat in a month but it’s a bit tedious.

In snow they are great though

ShyTown Mon 28-Sep-20 11:30:01

I have the long version of those. Can’t say I’m the long walks type of person but they kept my feet warm and comfy through 3 years of artic Chicago winter commutes plus regular ski station outings and they’re still going strong.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 28-Sep-20 11:37:44

Unless you live somewhere with prolonged lying snow, to be honest I wouldn't bother and just get waterproof walking boots with enough room for thick socks.

I bought some Merrell snow boots similar to these in the sale maybe 8-10 years ago and have probably worn them about once or twice a year at most and some of them will have just been in our garden on bonfire night.

TomBradysLeftKneecap Mon 28-Sep-20 11:40:19

My Sorrels are great in fresh snow and definitely keep my feet warm but less good on surfaces when the snow has been cleared. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve slipped in them.

Caspianberg Mon 28-Sep-20 11:45:29

I use scarpa hiking boots or sheepskin lined timberlands for walking when it’s cold but no snow. But have lasts 5+ years so far

LuckyAmy1986 Mon 28-Sep-20 14:19:04

Thanks very much everyone.
I've been having a look at waterproof walking shoes instead of snow boots, going to order these and see how they go. Cheap but the reviews are good.

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