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How long does it take you to clean?

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Caspianberg Mon 28-Sep-20 11:16:36

We had a new baby this summer, and dh and I are still trying to hold together some work from home alongside looking after him.

I have taken the plunge and found a cleaner to help us out so we aren’t so run ragged and can try and spend quality time with baby when not working ( or snooze!)

Cleaner came for 3 hours. My god she must be a small miracle worker. It’s fairly tidy and clean in the first place, but she literally managed to clean whole house top to bottom, sparkle windows, buff mirrors, etc..

I swear that would have taken me all day! And well all week atm trying to do 20 mins in between unputdownable baby and life.

She’s coming back next week and I think is my new favourite person.

How long does it take you to clean your whole house? ( it’s a good size 4 bed, 2 bathroom)

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