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Does anyone else just look awful in photos?

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Whenismumhome Mon 28-Sep-20 10:02:16

Was out at weekend for dinner with a friend. We got a couple of photos taken together (taken by someone else) she looks amazing in them, I look bloody atrocious!

I just can’t seem to smile properly in pictures, I can’t seem to force a smile on myself for photos and it just makes me look awful, I look like something is wrong with my face because my eyes are all screwed up and my lips look weird.

Does anyone have any tips on how to smile properly for a photo? Some people are good at it but I’m clearly not!

My friend has gone and plastered the photo on Facebook so everyone can see them, I feel so self conscious!

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AutumnSummersBuffysCousin Mon 28-Sep-20 10:13:02

This is me 😭and I know I’m not ugly in real life. Am bumping this for tips on how to improve cause I hate it too.

tornadoalley Mon 28-Sep-20 10:16:28

I look grim too. If they took the photo immediately I would have a natural smile, but after a minute or so I look like I'm about to crack my face

BearSoFair Mon 28-Sep-20 10:19:36

Me! I always look scared, probably because I'm inwardly panicking and thinking 'oh God I'm going to look awful in this photo'.

I seem to grow an extra chin in photos too, DH and friends have confirmed I don't have it in real life!

Rhine Mon 28-Sep-20 10:25:55

Yes me! Even with professionally done hair and makeup I looked a fucking state.

frazzledasarock Mon 28-Sep-20 10:29:33

Me, I’m so unphotogenic. Look fine in RL.

Also my two little ones, older DC looks stunning in photos, baby looks terrible. MIL who utterly adores both dc sighed oh dear, poor little thing doesn’t photo well does she 😆 she wanted to show off to her friends but couldn’t get a good picture of poor old youngest dc.

TweeterandtheMonkeyman Mon 28-Sep-20 10:31:29

Me! Chins, red eye , awkward pose, either weird grin or caught in some in-photo ready still talking/eating pose blush . It’s blighted my life to be honest, most of my wedding photos were atrocious 😭

YouBigFool Mon 28-Sep-20 10:32:33

I'm the opposite, look half decent in photos and very plain IRL.
Someone told me that it's due to a symmetrical face.

Zaphodsotherhead Mon 28-Sep-20 10:43:59

Oh me! I look so hideous that once, someone was showing me a picture they'd taken of my horse in their field. And I thought 'who's that horrible old man in the hat standing with my horse? How DARE he?'

It was me. I am neither old, nor a man....

eosmum Mon 28-Sep-20 10:50:02

Me!!!! Can't see my eyes, wonky teeth, 50 chins, gain about 2 stone. getting desperate now, as I've started refusing to get in photos but will have to in a few weeks for my Dsis wedding.

spiderlight Mon 28-Sep-20 10:52:19

Me. There are so few photos of me because I just look like an utter gargoyle in them. I don't look much better in real life, admittedly, but my God the camera does not love me!

WankPuffins Mon 28-Sep-20 10:52:42

I always look terrible.

I don’t look too bad in the flesh so I really don’t get it.

Also, I have a knack for shutting my eyes just in time, even with no flash. Every photo of me in existence, I’m doing that awful half shut eyes thing.

Emmapeeler2 Mon 28-Sep-20 10:56:38

Yes, I lool awful!! Cameras highlight my lazy eye and emphasise my crooked teeth. I also think I look basically OK in real life but I can't stand photos. Selfies are worse. Especially filtered ones. I just look all wrong!

Emmapeeler2 Mon 28-Sep-20 10:57:23

Not that I take filtered selfies all the time - my DD is the culprit for that, I hasten to add smile

cushioncovers Mon 28-Sep-20 10:58:13

Absolutely I'm overweight and I look like an aged teletubby in all photos. sad

TheFormidableMrsC Mon 28-Sep-20 10:58:14

I agree it's so strange how some people look perfectly attractive in the flesh but hideous in photos. I know a chap whose face literally changes into a different one in pictures. It's so odd. He's handsome in the flesh but looks awful in photos. I have no idea why this is!

Emmapeeler2 Mon 28-Sep-20 10:59:35

Does he do a 'Chandler smile' @TheFormidableMrsC? smile

Norightorwronganswer Mon 28-Sep-20 10:59:51

They say it’s because you’re used to seeing the mirror image of yourself - you don’t actually see yourself as others see you so when you do it’s a shock!

I’m the same. Just hideous in pictures.

Norightorwronganswer Mon 28-Sep-20 11:00:27

Whereas all your friends the image you see of them in pictures is what you see when you look at them too.

Henio Mon 28-Sep-20 11:03:39


Oh me! I look so hideous that once, someone was showing me a picture they'd taken of my horse in their field. And I thought 'who's that horrible old man in the hat standing with my horse? How DARE he?'

It was me. I am neither old, nor a man....

I'm so sorry this made me laugh 😂 but I have no reason to laugh because I look absolutely terrible in photos, I point blank refuse to have mine taken any more because it's gives me crippling anxiety looking back on them

canihaveacoffeeplease Mon 28-Sep-20 11:04:41

Me! I am the most unphotogenic person I know. Photos make me think I am really ugly, then I look in the mirror I think 'I'm not THAT bad really'. I just seem to always have my eyes closed/be turning/look nothing at all like myself. It is awful and I hate looking at photos of me.

The3rdWatermelon Mon 28-Sep-20 11:06:21

In real life I’ve been complimented on my nice straight teeth. In photos I appear to have a set of comedy wonky teeth in.

I develop a huge double chin and squinty eyes if I try to smile. Other people have cheekbones. I have a face like a polished balloon.

If I don’t know the photo is being taken I always come out looking like I’ve just been horribly insulted. I’ve got a belter of a photo from my wedding where it looks like I’m about to slap my own mother, like a scene from Eastenders.

justanotherneighinparadise Mon 28-Sep-20 11:07:40

I just avoid cameras. That’s my solution.

Laiste Mon 28-Sep-20 11:08:12

My DH is constantly in awe of how bad i look in photos.

He used to try to save my feelings by saying ''aw it's lovely!'' - but now he looks at what he's just taken, mutters ''ooh bloody hell i'll just delete that ...'' ...

He's a vain and shallow chap and openly admits that if i looked in real life like i look in most photos he wouldn't touch me with a barge pole!

Tbf i don't blame him shockgringrin

Emmapeeler2 Mon 28-Sep-20 11:11:32

Some of these comments are making me properly grin

At least we are not alone!

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