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Sweaty Betty Bum Sculpting Leggings - er, unusual chafing?

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SweatyBetty101 Sun 27-Sep-20 21:18:58

Anyone else had any problems with these? Wondering if it is them or something else?

I recently bought a couple of lovely pairs of SB bum sculpting leggings. They fit really well and look great. Got a size S: I am a size 10 and the sales assistant said that was the right size. Couldn’t be happier except...

I seem to have some chafing between my bottom cheeks blush. Right at the top, but between the cheeks. Like a spot of raw skin on each cheek - symmetrical. confused

Got my husband to have a look. Can’t work out WHAT could be causing it. He suggested my leggings and they are new (this is a new problem). Wondering if the bum sculpting bit is pushing the cheeks together (“sculpting them”) and that they are unnaturally rubbing against each other.

Anyone had a similar problem with gym leggings? I have never had this before (many years of wearing Lycra leggings and working out).

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