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Career/college for 34 year old mum ?

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MangoMarmalade Sun 27-Sep-20 11:37:56

Hi, inspired by a recent thread on ideas for work.

I got 3 A Levels (yonks ago) then dropped out of a Law degree due to severe lack of confidence and a lot of anxiety. Then got into a horrible relationship and spent majority of my 20s raising two children and dropping in and out of low skilled work.
Met my (very recently became an ex) DP late 20s, started up as self employed pet carer but this was almost too successful and I couldn't cope with the workload/dealing with the organisation side of things and customers in my 'free' time whilst trying to run a home/look after the kids when I got home (DP worked much longer hours). I pretty much had a breakdown whilst pregnant with my youngest who is now 13 months and I stopped working.
I'm not very business minded, ambitious or organised at all (I strongly suspect I have attention deficit disorder).

I am looking into what kind of career/job/apprenticeship/college course I could head into.

I was thinking something relatively low responsibility as I am terribly forgetful and disorganised. I was thinking of going to college to study beauty or something but not sure if that would be a waste of my skills in English/writing, I'm well spoken etc but no relevant experience/qualifications since English A Levels and certainly no recent admin experience.

Any ideas welcome!

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Camomila Sun 27-Sep-20 12:20:47

Receptionist somewhere nice? Being well spoken is an asset, and the job is relatively stress free.
Then in a few years when the DC are older you can progress within the company you are a receptionist at?

MangoMarmalade Sun 27-Sep-20 12:41:52

Realistically though, being in 30s with no relevant experience, should I be looking at an admin college course?

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