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Cheapest way to send package from USA?

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MelrosePlace Sun 27-Sep-20 10:12:42

A friend in the USA has offered to send me some of our favourite candy that is not available here (London) and I’d like to be able to direct her to the cheapest option. The candy will probably cost around $30 total and weigh around 3-4 pounds (under 2 kilos). It would fit in a large padded envelope or smallish box. It doesn’t need to be insured and there is no rush to get it here.

The US postal service does International Priority Mail padded envelopes for about $36 but it seems like there are also lots of private options as well, UPS and such? I’d be grateful for any guidance.

Also is there any way to minimize any import duty? I once had to pay £45 just to pick up a package from my mum. I’m told it had something to do with how she filled out the forms. Obvsly I wouldn’t ask my friend to lie but this is a small amount of candy just for our family so I’d rather not pay as if we were going to sell it or something.

Thank you!!

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SeaToSki Sun 27-Sep-20 20:46:12

When filling in the forms, put that you are returning items left behind on holiday. Candy is tricky as its likely to look like drugs, so they may open it to search it. Suggest they open the bags and put it in a zippy bag

For the cheapest shipping, it really is USPS. Ask for the cheapest slowest option

Have you looked at ordering from Amazon UK or USA. I often do that and its less expensive to get them to deliver it directly than ask a friend to buy it and ship it

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