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Center Parc activity booking

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underneaththeash Tue 29-Sep-20 17:11:20

Update: slots seemed to open around 6am. There was plenty of availability at 7am.

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AbbieFB Sun 27-Sep-20 16:40:31

I don’t know exactly what time the slots opened I’m afraid. I just checked my bookings though and it appears that I booked the activities and eat in food a couple of weeks before. It was only the food delivered to the lodge that opened 4 days prior. I booked ours 3 days before and didn’t have any trouble getting a slot and we were there during the summer holidays.

The pool slots that were quickest to book for us was the early ones 10am - 11am slots and then the 2pm-3pm ones. We didn’t choose those times though so not a problem they weren’t available!

Despite the changes we enjoyed ourselves. I think I actually prefer the pool booking system, was nice to have it not so busy in there.

underneaththeash Sun 27-Sep-20 11:02:22

I think ours may be busier as it's half term week. We'll make sure we get to the pool 15 mins in advance.

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thevassal Sun 27-Sep-20 10:01:13

I went a week ago and we could book activities and restaurants pretty much as soon as we booked so four months in advance confused so very different to AbbieFB. Perhaps it differs between parks? When I messaged them they said they released more slots for activities the day the booking started too. However everything seemed to have slots free throughout - we booked some stuff an hour before we did the activity.

Are you going for a week or weekend? For the weekend the sat and sunday swimming slots obviously were more popular because otherwise you'd have to drive home wet (out of lodge by 9am and can't use showers at the pool). But I think there were some spaces left on all days if you're not fussy about times.

Also top tip - they will let you in up to quarter of an hour early if you want to make the most of your two hour slot. They also weren't really strict about making you come out on time either (there was no tannoy announcement and it depended on you 'seeing' the few signs they had up announcing which colour wristband's session had ended, and staff couldn't care less about checking). Again this might differ between parks/time slots. So if you don't book the last night slot you could get a bit longer if your family usually spend hours in the pool.

underneaththeash Sun 27-Sep-20 09:31:54

@AbbieFB - thanks Abbie, but what time did the booking window open? was it midnight 4 weeks before or later on in the day?

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LilyMyOneAndOnly Sun 27-Sep-20 09:20:24

Could I also ask what the swimming slots were and were there any popular times that booked up quickly? We're going to Longleats in November

AbbieFB Sun 27-Sep-20 09:18:17

We booked our activities before we went. Restaurant bookings could be made 4 days in advance.

Edel2019 Sun 27-Sep-20 09:15:50


underneaththeash Sun 27-Sep-20 09:04:20

Could anyone who has been recently tell me what time the activity booking opens, is it midnight on the allocated day, or later on?


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