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Smoke and mirrors

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doubtingthom Sun 27-Sep-20 04:45:06

I have NC for this ... a friend from university (we're talking more than 20 years ago) has landed herself a very prominent job. She's all over twitter and the media being very pleased with herself. We haven't been in touch for years and years. In the things she is claiming about her career there are a number of things she is saying about herself that just aren't true. Jobs she's done and projects she's worked on that didn't happen. And I know this because at that time I was in the same field and I know either who was or I know that she wasn't there - she was hanging out down the student union with the rest of us. Wouldn't bother me if it wasn't for the insufferable amount of smug she radiates. Oh and the fact that she is being heralded as a model for women when she has been deeply unsupportive of other women in her career. Very much the woman who likes to be the only woman in the room.

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wilmathewilywombat Sun 27-Sep-20 05:02:34

when she has been deeply unsupportive of other women
You sound very similar.

doubtingthom Sun 27-Sep-20 05:05:59

Not at all. The opposite in fact.

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wilmathewilywombat Sun 27-Sep-20 05:09:07

Your thread is hardly supportive, you are bitching about her on a public forum.

hownowbrowncow123 Sun 27-Sep-20 05:13:28

Honestly, let her have her moment. I wouldn't waste any energy on this.

doubtingthom Sun 27-Sep-20 05:16:12

I'm not naming her. She is in the public eye and she is publicly making claims that aren't true. I'm not going to support dishonesty from a woman or a man.

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doubtingthom Sun 27-Sep-20 05:17:54

Oh god. She can have her moment. But it does make me question credibility in general v

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hownowbrowncow123 Sun 27-Sep-20 05:18:01

Genuine question: What exactly are you hoping to achieve with this post?

doubtingthom Sun 27-Sep-20 05:18:39

A discussion.

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Ivalueloyaltyaboveallelse Sun 27-Sep-20 05:26:22

Let it go, concentrate on yourself and you will be happier.

doubtingthom Sun 27-Sep-20 05:32:18

I'm not unhappy. Well not about this anyway.

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accccc Sun 27-Sep-20 05:45:18

Unless the claims she is making will harm people (unlikely) I would ignore.... Or just delete her off social media?

Work persona and actual personality are often two different things.

SpecialWGM Sun 27-Sep-20 07:16:40


*when she has been deeply unsupportive of other women*
You sound very similar.

How is knowing and calling another woman out as a liar unsupportive to women in general? MN makes me shake my head at times.

Sargass0 Sun 27-Sep-20 08:11:13

How do you know what they've done if you knew them 20 years ago?

FippertyGibbett Sun 27-Sep-20 08:13:41

I assume she’s a politician, and apparently they lie all the time. So nothing new there !

StillDumDeDumming Sun 27-Sep-20 09:11:42

It is quite staggering the people that are like this. But then I see from the responses here that lying to get ahead is kind of expected shock

I see people over promoted because they talk the talk but then move on fairly quickly to the next thing before all their ineptitude really comes home to roost.

I am guessing OP that you’re not that way inclined- me neither. I think well, my work and CV are real and that has to be worth something more than this fantasy window dressing?

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