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Sainbury's Lego cards

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elephantoverthehill Sat 26-Sep-20 21:10:54

Hi, are any children collecting these cards? I have about 7 packs to give away. Pm me if you want them.

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elephantoverthehill Sun 27-Sep-20 09:17:56


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Raindancer411 Sun 27-Sep-20 09:35:35

Oh bless you smile Do you have a Facebook area group for giving things away for free? Could you try there as then you won't have to pay out postage x

QueenArseClangers Fri 02-Oct-20 12:25:42

My DD is the lucky recipient of the cards, couldn’t attach the pic on a PM so bere’s Her little gappy smile at receiving them this morning.
Thanks @elephantoverthehill!

elephantoverthehill Fri 02-Oct-20 18:28:05

Ahh, happy face!

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