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Calling HCPs - Service Standards

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MessedAbout Sat 26-Sep-20 20:29:41

Regular postrr but name changed for this.

DD is under the adult ADHD Team. She had an apt last week.

The apt was a telephone appointment. 6 months into Covid face to face appointments remain unavailable. She has to report her weight and bp over the phone - we had to buy a BP monitor. The phone calls take place between 9am and 5pm. No slots of even two hours. She missed the call and panicked. There is no call back facility. To report she ha to Google, get the main switchboard number and call to explain so a member of the admin team could be passed a msg and call her back. No staff in the office, no facility to divert calls.

How hard is it to provide a zoom or Skype call within a two hour time frame. Surely there is a risk patients may say they are 9st when they have reverted to former anorexia and are in fact 6.5st? How hard is it to divert an Extn to a mobile - esp when such services have had 6 months to get themselves organised.

Compare and contrast to a letter from NHS England today asking me to contact my practice to attend NHS Cervical Screening to be carried out by a female nurse or Dr at my practice.

Can an HCP please explain why risks would be higher to conduct a face to face ADHD apt than to conduct a cervical smear involving bodily fluids please?

It seems wholly absurd. Or perhaps it's just the usual standards from our local MH Trust who seem always determined to provide as minimal and difficult to navigate a service as possible.

Thank you in advance.

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