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Cheese board novice...if I like these...

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pinkgin85 Sat 26-Sep-20 14:33:49

Extra mature cheddar
Red Leicester
Wensleydale w cranberries

What else would I like?

Also what crackers/bread/condiments would you recommend with it? grin

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Redraptor Sat 26-Sep-20 14:47:36

Garlic or nettle yarg? Petite Basque?

For serving figs, salami?

Machego cheese and some honey to dip it in

kissmysass Sat 26-Sep-20 14:49:31

I love grapes with mine. And of course a variety of crackers. In terms of other cheeses I'd definitely have a brie, maybe a mexicana?

LuvMyBoyz Sat 26-Sep-20 14:52:03

A blue cheese with fruit cake. Delicious. I have bought a bar of Christmas cake for tonight’s cheese board.

viques Sat 26-Sep-20 14:57:05

Sainsbury do a cracker selection box in their taste the differences range which I am slightly addicted to. Four different types, oatcakes with rosemary and smoked paprika, oat digestive, poppy and oat crackers and my favourite a spelt and fig flatbread. Gives a good range of colours, shapes , textures and tastes.

barskits Sat 26-Sep-20 15:00:45

White stilton with apricots?

viques Sat 26-Sep-20 15:02:30

My preference for a cheese board is keep it simple. Cheese, crackers, butter, grapes and maybe a bowl of small crisp English apples. Keep the cheese the star.

nimbuscloud Sat 26-Sep-20 15:03:41

Any blue cheese.
Also add walnuts.

W3dontdoduvets Sat 26-Sep-20 15:04:37

You’d love Red Fox, I think.

Fillybuster Sat 26-Sep-20 15:06:07

Chaource (like a richer, runnier Brie)
Manchego with membrillo (quince paste) - an absolute favourite in our house
Fig chutney

EmmaStone Sat 26-Sep-20 15:06:13


Maybe Emmental or Gouda?

W3dontdoduvets Sat 26-Sep-20 15:06:35

And Red Storm. Try millers ale crackers, they are delicious.

Multiplying2020 Sat 26-Sep-20 15:07:28

You might like to try Comte as a hard yellow cheese, and a ripe Brie as a softer white cheese. Blue cheeses may be a bit strong if you're not used to them (although I personally love a decent Stilton).

I like to put some quartered fresh figs and a bunch (or two!) of grapes with them, and have them with a cracker selection box - always nice to have variety!

I also would recommend a couple of chutneys - we've got a quince one (bizarrely called quince cheese), and something involving pears and port I think, as well as the usual Branston's.

W3dontdoduvets Sat 26-Sep-20 15:07:48

And my very favourite, Epoises. To die for.

PurplePansy05 Sat 26-Sep-20 15:07:49

Plum chutney
Cranberry sauce
Cured meats (continental)
Beautiful cheese biscuits, Carrs have to be my favourite
You can try other cheeses too, for example we often do Wensleyday with apricot. The best one I've EVER had comes with blueberries from M&S (heaven). We usually have brie and Boursin too (I adore it!). You can also try blue cheese but it might not be up to your liking, I guess it depends on the type and strength you go for.

We also have a good quality bottle of red with it usually.

I love a good cheeseboard ❤️

PurplePansy05 Sat 26-Sep-20 15:09:58

Thanks all for the manchego suggestion too, it's going into our next cheeseboard alongside honey! 😊

midsomermurderess Sat 26-Sep-20 15:10:53

What about some soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert? Blue like dolcelatte? A nice Comte or Ossau-Iraty. Quince jelly, membrillo, goes well with cheese.

PurplePansy05 Sat 26-Sep-20 15:11:20

Also Wensleydale* not day, silly phone! 🤦🏼‍♀️

W3dontdoduvets Sat 26-Sep-20 15:12:50

Around now the delicious soft cheese, vacherin appears in the shops, it really is lovely. Epoises is still my fav soft cheese though.

Poshjock Sat 26-Sep-20 15:13:29

Mexicana is a good shout.

Smoked Applewood.
Port infused Cheddar is amazing (you'll need to find a supplier local to you as generally not in supermarkets)
Caramelized Onion Cheddar
I also love a garlic roulade soft cheese - amazing on a flaky, crumbly cracker.

I'm a sucker for a flavoured cheese truckle. Farmers markets are great places to try out different local suppliers and their products.

PurplePansy05 Sat 26-Sep-20 15:13:35

This one is gorgeous too, I think you'd like it.

Pearsapiece Sat 26-Sep-20 15:14:55

This is making my mouth water for cheese... And I'm pregnant so I can't have soft cheese at the moment!

AdaColeman Sat 26-Sep-20 15:17:25

Things I like to accompany cheese include
Black grapes
Interesting honey such as with truffles
Chilli jam
Onion marmalade
gherkins/pickled onions/chutney
Black cherry jam (with salty sheep cheese or cream cheese)

I'd rather have bread with cheese than crackers/biscuits, though I do like plain chocolate digestives with a blue cheese such as gorgonzola.

ShopTattsyrup Sat 26-Sep-20 15:18:21

Applewood smoked cheddar is a firm favourite for me.
A good edam might be a little mild for you, but is always a nice addition to a cheese board!

Also - I bloody love a cornichon with cheese, cuts through the richness!

PurplePansy05 Sat 26-Sep-20 15:18:57

@Pearsapiece I don't know where you are, but the advice in the UK is that pasteurised soft cheese is safe in pregnancy 😊 NHS website is quite helpful. Alternatively, there's always an option to have it cooked in a dish I guess!

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