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Happy Saturday Mumsnet! What are you all up to today?

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lucysmam Sat 26-Sep-20 08:02:57

I've been up for what feels like ages. The boiler woke me up & I couldn't get back to sleep sad

I'm just drinking my first cup of tea, with the kitchen window open, listening to the wind in the trees at the bottom of my garden.

I need to take dd1 for bras today - that'll be fun with not trying on <sigh>. Dd2 is going to watch a film with her dad under my quilt grin.

Dd1 has homework to do at some point and dd2 needs to read the school reading book she's avoiding. She's perfectly able to read it, it's just well below where she was last year 🤷‍♀️

I'm going to tidy round and get the washer going in a minute, before they get up & my peace is broken.

No idea what to make for tea yet - I still haven't got round to the sweet potato dish I wanted to try last week, so maybe that with...something.

What about you lot? Any plans?

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JonasKahnwald Sat 26-Sep-20 08:05:46

Going to get more tester pots of paint for my living room wall. I know the colour I want but none of the ones I've picked are quite right. Its a right bloody palaver 😄 apart from that probably housework. Joy!

mocha78 Sat 26-Sep-20 08:20:35

Currently listening out for Tesco delivery, everyone else still asleep. Going to library with children this morning.

Daughter has 11 plus practice homework for her tuition to do, the test has been delayed and it’s just dragging now we’re both sick of it! 12 year old boy is amazingly on top of his homework (after nagging from me last week!) so will spend his Saturday mostly minecrafting on his PC chatting to friends on his headphones.

I will be washing, ironing, tidying and cleaning today. I don’t mind doing it when I have the time, I love the satisfaction of sitting down to a clean house. Tea tonight will be homemade pizza! Happy Saturdays everyone!

Ninkanink Sat 26-Sep-20 08:23:25

Was woken at seven by the post woman with a couple of parcels. I feel like it’s christmas morning most days atm as I’m doing lots of eBay buying.

Opened said parcels, made myself a cup of tea and now I’m relaxing and going through my eBay watch list to try to whittle it down a little...

Chocolatecake12 Sat 26-Sep-20 08:28:05

It’s so windy and I don’t want to go out! However I will be dropping ds off to his girlfriends at 11 then shopping for some meat and bits for tomorrow as my parents are coming for Sunday lunch.
I will so send the day cleaning the house and tidying up.
Currently sitting in bed with a cuppa though and procrastinating about it all.....

jellybe Sat 26-Sep-20 08:41:10

Currently having a cuppa in bed whilst DD and a friend giggle in her room after their sleep over last night.

Will get up soon to make my other two DC some breakfast (DD and friend sorted themselves out) then might go to the gym when DH is up to watch the kids.

Other than I'm hoping to start putting the garden 'to bed' for winter.

weebarra Sat 26-Sep-20 08:43:54

Just me and the dog up at the moment. Taking DS2 for a haircut later and then going to do yoga in a friend's garden this afternoon.
We started watching the hobbit last night as a family so will probably finish that!

paperdreams16 Sat 26-Sep-20 08:46:16

I’m baking some banana muffins and biscuits this morning. Will do a bit of lesson planning this afternoon then over to my sisters with said muffins and biscuits for dinner tonight.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sat 26-Sep-20 10:13:36

Wet and overcast here. I am cleaning (like I do every Saturday) and have almost finished my list.
DH is working, DD has uni-zooms for much of the day and I will (if the technical side works) take part in an online event about Chinese language and writing hosted my one of the local unis.
DS ought to be working towards his Abitur grades but he has bought several books, so ...

Salad and schnitzel for midday.

Coldwinterahead1 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:20:58

Up early, done activities with kids. Going to have a coffee and soak in the bath in a bit, then this afternoon I’m going to light the fire, snuggle on the sofa and read a Philippa Gregory book and eat a bar of fruit and nut whilst the kids play minecraft. Tonight cooking a Thai curry and watching the extended version of The Return Of the King with my boys.

DollyMixtureLulus Sat 26-Sep-20 10:22:25

I’ve been for a long, very chilly but gorgeously crisp autumn walk.

Two big excitements today; I am trying out my Lakeland heated clothes airer and my new milk frother.

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