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Cyst in a sensitive area - help!

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Notcontent Fri 25-Sep-20 08:31:25

Sorry, posting here for traffic instead of the health section. I have developed a cyst in a slightly sensitive area... I don’t think it’s anything sinister as it has suddenly appeared, but it’s a bit painful. Is there any cream I could get to put on it from the pharmacy? I really don’t want to have to try to get a GP appointment...

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BlackeyedSusan Fri 25-Sep-20 08:35:33

Sporners corner board on here. But beware the request for photos. I believe Magnesium sulphate cream, but ask the pharmacist who are experts.

Notverygrownup Fri 25-Sep-20 08:37:46

If it is just inside the vagina then it could well be a Bartholin cyst. I used to suffer from them and they can be persistent and grow large. Antibiotics are the answer, if they don't disappear in the first day or two, but ask for augmentin, not the amoxicillin as, if I remember rightly, it is a strep infection and needs the augmentin. (I had a young gp give me amoxicillin once, and had to go back as it doesn't touch it.)

If I caught them early, at the tingling/just arriving stage, I found that it I had a good hot bath within the first few hours, they sometimes cleared themselves up.

If the cyst is more at the top of the leg, on "normal" skin, it could be a simple cybatious cyst, which are easier to clear, with a hot bath and antiseptic cream IME.

Hope that helps.

xTinkerhellx Fri 25-Sep-20 08:39:54

I'm assuming it's in your groin area?

I get them loads. Bartholins cysts which have a real tendancy to become abscesses. Shallow bath of hot water (sitz bath), hot water bottle between the legs. Worse ways, Dr for antibiotics.

I've had a few have to be removed surgically and they are not fun. Hope you feel better soon!

Notcontent Fri 25-Sep-20 08:42:09

Notverygrowup - thank you. It’s on one of my inner labia. I guess if it doesn’t clear I might have to see a gp.

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Notcontent Fri 25-Sep-20 08:43:19

XTinker - thank you.

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Notverygrownup Fri 25-Sep-20 09:09:52

XTinker - I used to have loads too - and had them surgically removed, over a period of about 12 years - and then one day they stopped and never came back smile

Just wanted to let you know, in case you still get them. Solidarity!

foxyroxyyy Fri 25-Sep-20 12:09:09

Salt bath no jeans/tights if bartholians cyst.

I also put tea tree diluted in coconut oil and massaged mine which is mental but I'm into natural shit and it worked.

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