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Does it always feel like this with second pregnancy?

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Hellosecondbaby Thu 24-Sep-20 21:50:45

I'm very happy and grateful to be pregnant with a much wanted DC2, I'm just a little bit worried about setting up for PND as things feel a bit strange

With DC1 we knew there may be something wrong with the baby although not what, so it was a very worrying pregnancy but I do remember being so excited by this stage of third trimester. After she was born I remember it just being a flurry of giddiness and happiness which carried me through the months of every 20 minute wake ups etc even though I had very little support as DH away. It was so hard but also so wonderful, I was very lucky

This time I just feel a lot of worry. It's partly circumstantial as a big and specific life event coming up which is probably outing, most friends have not seen me through whole pregnancy due to lockdown and actually only close friends and family even know I'm pregnant I think. Might need a c-section which I'd really like to avoid as want to get back to DC1 quickly too, especially with no visitors to hospital at the moment. I'm not complaining about any of these things just wondering if it's a factor in the way I feel.

Before becoming pregnant the second time I absolutely could not wait to be pregnant again but found out just a week before lockdown announced (earlier than we planned and we'd probably have waited at that point) and it all just felt wrong.

Money is tighter this time though we are still very fortunate and not received any gifts for baby this time (not expected at all but even before birth had loads with first as is often the case I think!) so just buying a few unisex sleepsuits on EBay.

It just feels very strange and it makes me worry that somehow the baby will be wired wrongly emotionally because of the way I feel. I'm being very careful and doing everything by the book, eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise, avoiding chemicals etc so absolutely trying to do the best by the baby (probably more careful than in first pregnancy!) but I can't quite describe it. The pregnancy somehow feels like the rest of 2020 at the moment, just very monochrome with no landmark events, does that make sense?

Again - not complaining - just checking this is normal?

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Hellosecondbaby Fri 25-Sep-20 07:31:49

Maybe feeling a bit more excited today!

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