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One pot meals

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16more Thu 24-Sep-20 14:50:35

Baby number 3 is due in a few weeks, already have 2 dcs and dreading (for want of a better word) dinner time already. Time will be really limited. And I bloody hate washing up. Please tell me your fav easy dinners that are still healthy! Xx

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aureliacecilia Thu 24-Sep-20 14:52:10

Hairy Bikers have a good one pot cook book that I would recommend.

emotionalbutterfly Thu 24-Sep-20 15:16:18

Spanish chicken
Sausage casserole
Stir fry
Chicken cassoulet
Shepherds pie

emmathedilemma Thu 24-Sep-20 15:24:27

Batch cook and freeze or invest in a slow cooker!
spag bol (ok, needs a 2nd pan for the pasta)
chilli & microwave rice
jacket potatoes & fillings
bag of ready chopped stir fry veg, cooked chicken & rice or just soak noodles - healthy dinner in under 10 minutes!
big pot of soup you can reheat portions as needed
scrambled eggs on toast

Swallowzandamazons Thu 24-Sep-20 15:37:22

Spag bol works as a one pot - I crack the pasta into shorter lengths (or just use a short shape) and throw it in the pot once the sauce is mostly cooked, keeping an eye on it and adding more water if needed. I do this with quite a lot of pasta meals - make the sauce up and then throw in the pasta close to the end. It's a different texture you get doing it this way, but it's edible and very little hassle.

Mince and doughballs/dumplings - no need for spuds! Same for stews etc - just chuck the doughballs on top of the stew about 15 - 20 mins before the end and let them rise and cook through. If you're really struggling I bet the ball shaped garlic breads you can buy in the fresh bit would work (if you don't mind a soggy bottom).

It's not quite a one-pot, but if you can get a steamer where you have a solid pan at the bottom then one or two steamer baskets to stack above it, that would kind of pass the test. I do the main item like sausage casserole or stew in the bottom, then steam the spuds and the veg above. It cuts down on you having to carry pans of boiling water around too, when you've three kids underfoot.

16more Thu 24-Sep-20 16:44:09

@emmathedilemma have started the batch cooking and freezing, thanks for the ideas smile
@Swallowzandamazons ooh I will try that with the pasta, do you make sure the pasta sauce is a bit more watery than usual before putting it in? That’s all really helpful thank you x

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Fivemoreminutes1 Thu 24-Sep-20 17:23:29

Leek and bacon risotto
Chicken and mushroom risotto
Fried rice

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