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Single parent childcare issues in lockdown

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Hfgjhcjvjv Thu 24-Sep-20 11:25:25

Hi All, i hope someone here can help... i am a single parent with no family members around. Child does not see the other parent. I am an emergency worker, i work shifts, days & nights. I have 4 different households providing childcare fir my child for when i'm at work. If it wasn't for those households I would not be able to continue going to work.
It is impossible for me to stick to 1 household because none of them are able to provide care for all the times I need. So if for example I am working 4 nights in 1 week due to their arrangments, work & other commitments they are able to each have my child for 1 night. That is my only option.
We are now in a new lockdown, i am in an area with even more restrictions & additional local lockdown how am i meant to manage?

Also if anyone could comment on this issue - one of my friends who provides childcare for my child is also a parent separated from his ex partner and they share a child. When she comes to look after my child she brings her child with her. Now however her ex partner said she is not allowed to do that which means i will lose my childcare.

I'm so lost in all those rules, i know there are exemptions but if anyone has any better knowledge please comment. Thank you

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Bearnecessity Thu 24-Sep-20 13:02:23

As a single parent emergency worker your employer should be accommodating you with easier shifts e.g. Day shifts only regular hours. If you cannot meet covid guidelines then your employer cannot expect you to work? They should be doing more to facilitate you more or paying you to be absent from work until restrictions change.

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