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Replacing old storage heaters with new storage heaters.

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Gazellelike Wed 23-Sep-20 18:11:17

I live rurally and have 25 year old storage heaters.
There's no gas here. I have no radiators to run bottled gas or oil.
The house ( 4 beds detached so largish) is fairly warm but at a cost of over £3000 a year in electric bills.
We are insulated.
We have Economy 7.
I work from home so it's good to be warm all day.
If I had known I would live here a long time I would have upgraded to something or other years ago.
Has anyone upgraded their older storage heaters to more modern?
With yet another price rise imminent I'm thinking I should buy the bullet and upgrade to newer models. It would be a lot cheaper to replace existing storage heaters than having radiators and pipes installed for any other system.
I will move in a few years and downsize so long term paying for itself may not be relevant.

Has anyone done anything similar?

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PaperMonster Wed 23-Sep-20 18:31:12

I’m in a HA rural property and had a mixture of older and newer ones - the newer ones were so much more efficient. Sadly the HA removed them a couple of years ago and now we have dreadful electric heaters - which are better in terms of being more controllable, but are bloomin expensive!

Gazellelike Wed 23-Sep-20 20:13:04

@PaperMonster Thanks. I will keep that in mind.

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MadAboutBroccoli Thu 24-Sep-20 11:29:34

I had a quote for new storage heaters and they were around £7k - that was to put in three. They were the most controllable. There were cheaper options but we have gone for electric central heating to be installed instead as we’re out most of the day (sounds like you’re in) and our storage heaters ran out of heat when we needed it in the evenings, back from work. We aren’t on mains gas and nowhere to put an oil / LPG tank.

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