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Which famous people do your kids like?

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AmbsPhillps Wed 23-Sep-20 17:29:29

You hear a lot about kids liking Kardashians and Love Island , so thought I would ask which famous people do your kids like or into?

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W00t Wed 23-Sep-20 17:31:02

None. They don't give a damn about famous people.

sunshineandshowers21 Wed 23-Sep-20 17:34:12

my 13 year old is obsessed with oasis so he likes the gallagher brothers and my 6 year old likes the guy that presents ancient aliens. other than that, no one really.

HoHoHolyCow Wed 23-Sep-20 17:49:05

I two DSs age 10 and 7. They like:

Various YouTubers who play Minecraft and Pokemon: Stampy, Grian, Preston.

David Attenborough

George Ezra

Gordon Buchanan

Brian Cox

Not obsessively or anything, but enjoy watching their programmes and videos!

AvoidingRealHumans Wed 23-Sep-20 17:54:09

My 9 year old likes Faze Jarvis and my 6 year old likes Jelly.

I have no idea who these people are but I know they are from YouTube.
They aren't into anyone that I would know who they were

VirginiaWolverine Wed 23-Sep-20 17:58:16

Mine are 11 and 14. They like YouTubers, mostly. DanTDM, Denis, CGPGrey. 14yo DD knows of people who are TikTok famous, although she went through a phase when she was around 9 of being into Taylor Swift. They are more into memes than celebs, really. Honestly, their biggest celebs are probably DanTDM and Greta Thunberg.

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