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Dinner for breakfast

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Keepyourconversationsboring Wed 23-Sep-20 10:11:53

Curious really, I love 'normal food' for breakfast.

This morning I've had cous cous then a banana. Yesterday left over tabbouleh plus a few olives. Sometimes it's a ham or cheese one slice sandwich. Other days I fancy a pitta bread with tuna.

OH thinks I'm strange to eat these foods in the morning. I don't mind toast or weetabix once a week at a push. But sugary, sweet breakfasts don't do it for me at all.

If I'm not overweight and fit and healthy does it matter what I eat? Does anyone else prefer the unconventional breakfast? If so, what are your favourites?

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Thatbliddywoman Wed 23-Sep-20 10:17:31

Me. I have no idea when it became the 'rule'to have certain foods designated to first meal of the day, but I do know it is a societal norm not a thing meant to be good for the body. I don't think it is right really, and so many of those foods are quite if not very bad for us

INeedNewShoes Wed 23-Sep-20 10:19:47

Your breakfast would be pretty much the norm in other countries.

Staying in a traditional Turkish town, breakfast included slices of cucumber/tomatoes, meat, cheese.

In Denmark, sliced cheese on rye bread but fruit features a lot as well.

In some countries fish is a feature at breakfast (can’t think where I’ve had it!)

Nutritionally us Brits get it all wrong at breakfast time. Of course whole grain toast and some processed cereals are a great source of fibre but we’re really setting ourselves up to fail as the day goes on given how sweet the typical British breakfast is!

Having said all that, I am a bit of a breakfast cereal fiend. I just love the crunchiness!

When I was TTC and throwing everything at it I was starting the day with rye toast, spinach, tomatoes and poached eggs.

Oldraver Wed 23-Sep-20 10:19:53

I live cheese/olives/nibbles for breakfast

We also live a full English as an evening meal

SquigglePigs Wed 23-Sep-20 10:21:02

Yep, me too. DH thinks I'm mad but he's used to it now. Love leftovers like cottage pie or pasta. My favourite at the moment is spicy rice with onions, peppers, mushrooms and chorizo.

I will do more conventional eggs and beans or sausagea quite happily but I don't get the cereal thing.

Charles11 Wed 23-Sep-20 10:21:08

It’s easier for me to eat leftovers or more lunch/dinner type of food. I’m not a big fan of dairy, eggs or meat and I’m trying to cut out bread for weight loss.
Doesn’t leave me with much of a choice for traditional breakfast dishes.

Queenelsarules Wed 23-Sep-20 10:21:09

My son has a sandwich for breakfast, either ham or cheese and cucumber, everyday. He shuns the idea of conventional foods at conventional times, he had a lot to teach us! I am partial to leftover takeaway for breakfast😋

FlatShite Wed 23-Sep-20 10:21:14

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I'll just have what I fancy - could be leftovers from the night before, cheese and ham on crackers or a sandwich, soup etc. I like cereal and toast too but I don't see anything wrong with having something else if its what you enjoy.

EBearhug Wed 23-Sep-20 10:21:33

I've been places where it was stirred curry for breakfast. If it suits you to eat it, then eat it when you want.

BetterBeHomeByMidnight Wed 23-Sep-20 10:21:43

Yes! I love soup for breakfast. Why not?! Like hot chocolate, but savoury. Turkish breakfasts are delicious, too.

BetterBeHomeByMidnight Wed 23-Sep-20 10:22:36

Yes, and curry! I remember having a Chinese or Japanese breakfast in a hotel & it was delicious.

SleepingStandingUp Wed 23-Sep-20 10:23:48

Just sounds like you're now the continental breakfast type

aristo Wed 23-Sep-20 10:24:06

I used to have a couple of quorn scotch eggs and cheese and quorn ham for breakfast at work and always got comments.

It's silly really. Very normal in Germany for example.

Plus scotch eggs are sausage, eggs and breadcrumbs which is only the same as sausage, egg and toast which people deem normal!

RibenaCocktail Wed 23-Sep-20 10:26:08

In some Asian countries they eat foods such as rice and meat and noodles for breakfast

BigSandyBalls2015 Wed 23-Sep-20 10:28:24

I'm the same, hate sweet things, would never eat cereal. Eat a lot of eggs for breakfast, omelettes etc, but if there are leftovers I prefer that - shepherds pie, curry. I finished off some macaroni cheese this morning.
The rest of my family think I'm weird grin

CloudyVanilla Wed 23-Sep-20 10:33:24

I feel like it is purely marketing. Old fashioned British breakfast are much more nutritious and are just like meals - eggs, beans, kipper, ADB etc.

Sugary cereal, it's more of a snack to me. My DC can have a small portion at breakfast because they like it but I'd never dream of sending them out on nothing but a bowl of cereal.

Keepyourconversationsboring Wed 23-Sep-20 10:33:41

@BetterBeHomeByMidnight soup is a brilliant call, hadn't even considered that! And quick to make and warm for the winter mornings. So happy it's not just me that likes to mix it up. I do a love an English breakfast for tea too, or an omelette smile

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VaggieMight Wed 23-Sep-20 10:35:31

I had rainbow salad and hummous for breakfast today. I don't like traditional breakfast food either.

aristo Wed 23-Sep-20 10:38:04

Today I'll have a hard boiled egg baguette with cheese. Can't wait

rorosemary Wed 23-Sep-20 10:44:41

Couscous and a banana? Couscous is a grain, right? So not that different from oats and a banana really.

It sounds like you would love balkan breakfasts. Nothing wrong with olives (aren't they botanically speaking a fruit too?)

BaronessBomburst Wed 23-Sep-20 10:48:11

I had pasta with chili, walnuts, and cheese. It wasn't even leftovers. I cooked it up from scratch as I fancied it.
That was after 4 cups of coffee though.

Notcontent Wed 23-Sep-20 11:14:19

Sounds really healthy.

As others have said, most breakfast options - processed cereal, toast with jam, Orange juice, etc - are really unhealthy.

EasilyDeleted Wed 23-Sep-20 11:22:57

It sounds fine. I'm not a fan of sweet breakfasts, I can't remember when I last had cereal, but I'm fairly traditional in that I mainly have toast with savoury toppings (egg, cheese, peanut butter, marmite).

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Wed 23-Sep-20 11:29:47

I often have leftovers, though my breakfast is hardly ever before 10.30/11 am.
Favourites are leftover cauliflower/macaroni cheese combo (usually make a bit more on purpose)
and curried kedgeree, made with smoked haddock.

Also a favourite main-meal winter soup, spicy rice and lentil (dead easy and delish). Leftovers go thick, like daal (dahl?) and v nice next day.

SlopesOff Wed 23-Sep-20 11:41:55

Israeli breakfast - cheeses, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt, bread, fruit. Ideal if you don't eat meat.

German breakfast - sausage, cold cuts, smoked cheese, pickled veg. Not so good.

Greek breakfast - fresh bread, honey, yogurt, fruit. Good.

Breakfast in this house, whatever is in the fridge. Variably good or not but saves waste.

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