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Where to eat in Camberwell?

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EachandEveryone Tue 22-Sep-20 09:28:00

After drop off at art school. Does anyone know anywhere with a good veggie option?

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EachandEveryone Fri 25-Sep-20 17:17:05

Anyone know the area?

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BurningGubbins Fri 25-Sep-20 17:22:57

There’s a cafe right by the art college that’s very nice, and another across the road.

Fivemoreminutes1 Fri 25-Sep-20 18:10:53

Definitely Brewbird

EachandEveryone Fri 25-Sep-20 21:58:14

Sounds lovely

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nosswith Fri 25-Sep-20 21:59:47

Somewhere where the carrots are nice!!!

EachandEveryone Sat 26-Sep-20 11:54:43

Oh I don’t get that?

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onewhitewhisker Sat 26-Sep-20 12:56:47

OP a camberwell carrot is an old fashioned nickname for a joint.

Falafel and Shawarma on camberwell church street does delicious, cheap falafel and veggie mezze plates, it's quite quick and canteeny. FM Mangal is another nice Turkish, a bit more of a sit down lunch out option. If you walk up Denmark hill the Vietnamese cafe is great. Lots of more hipster sarnie options around. Foodie destination Chinese at the Silk Road but don't know if it does lunch...

VenusClapTrap Sat 26-Sep-20 14:16:02

Is Angels & Gypsies still there? That was an amazing place for tapas when I lived in Camberwell. Also No. 67 cafe on Peckham Road.

I’m out of date though, as it’s a few years since I’ve been to that neck of the woods.

EachandEveryone Sat 26-Sep-20 14:18:56

Is it a good student place?

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VenusClapTrap Sat 26-Sep-20 15:26:09

I don’t know really - when I was a student we never went to cafes because we couldn’t afford it. Students are different nowadays!

nosswith Sat 26-Sep-20 15:59:43

EachandEveryone watch Withnail and I.

SuzieCarmichael Sat 26-Sep-20 16:05:33

The art college is halfway between Camberwell and Peckham, so consider Peckham options too. There are loads of great food places there. Persepolis is legendary for starters though I’m not sure if they’re doing eat-in these days. Ganapati is a bit further but also a long-standing stalwart of the area.

In Camberwell, Vineyard is a Greek restaurant which has been there forever - lovely and homely.

SuzieCarmichael Sat 26-Sep-20 16:09:27

Or if you want to wow him/her with your knowledge of the cooler parts of Peckham try here grin

MotherWol Sat 26-Sep-20 16:13:54

Theo’s pizza. Really nice veggie options, not pricey, kid friendly, good cocktails. Nandine is brilliant, but I don’t know if they’ve reopened. Fladda fish & chips if you eat fish?

JoyceByersWasRight Sat 26-Sep-20 17:53:01

I second falafel and shawarma. The cold veggie maze platter is delicious and an absolute bargain at under a fiver.

JoyceByersWasRight Sat 26-Sep-20 17:53:59

If you like pizza or Italian Caravaggios is excellent and amazing value too.

EachandEveryone Sun 27-Sep-20 11:52:10

Theos only taking bookings for six people and Caravaggio look like they are only doing deliveries😟

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EachandEveryone Sat 03-Oct-20 14:46:31

Every thing is shut😟

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PenguindreamsofDraco Sat 03-Oct-20 15:34:40

No it's not! Most of it never closed even in darkest lockdown.

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