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Anyone sold on eBay today/recently?

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PennyDreadfuI Mon 21-Sep-20 15:27:14

Sold a few items yesterday and when I've come to pack/post them today, I've noticed that all the addresses have a strange series of numbers/letters in them after the street/road part. I'd post a screenshot but I'm concerned the numbers are somehow identifying.

So it looks like:

Mrs NE Body
43 Somestreetorother

...if that makes sense. The number always starts with 'ebay' and every single address has it (I sold 8 items). Been selling for years and I've never seen this before.

Is it a glitch? Anyone else seen this? Should I leave it in the address or no?

(I know there's an eBay topic but I need to post today so posting here for traffic!)

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Fiddlersgreen Mon 21-Sep-20 15:34:39

I bought something last week and when it arrived the address had ebay and random numbers/letters in it, in between the street name and the town name just like you have put it your post. Never seen that before when I’ve bought or sold on there.
No idea why it’s there but just letting you know, maybe it’s a new thing?

JeSuisPrest Mon 21-Sep-20 15:34:51

Yes, I had this on an item I sold last week. I assumed she'd copied and pasted her address incorrectly and dropped her user name or something in by mistake. Obviously not. I just deleted it and checked her address using the RM post code checker.

NotYourDawg Mon 21-Sep-20 15:35:53

I've been selling for the past month and all the addresses have the weird letter/number thinh on the labels I'm printing out.

I never even thought to question it tbh 🤔😁

I've had delivery confirmations so it isn't affecting the deliveries.

Friolero Mon 21-Sep-20 15:37:18

Hmm, I’m expecting an eBay parcel that hasn’t arrived yet, I wonder if that’s why.

BanningTheWordNaice Mon 21-Sep-20 15:39:46

Why not check with her? I used to have my items delivered to an off-licence and they used a name and number system to allow me to collect them and I’d have been really pissed off if someone removed that from the address without telling me.

BanningTheWordNaice Mon 21-Sep-20 15:41:52

I believe collect with Argos does this too.

30under Mon 21-Sep-20 15:42:52

Yes I noticed that OP, I thought I had better put it in.

JeSuisPrest Mon 21-Sep-20 15:43:33

Found this on the eBay forum. I'm still none the wider as a private seller, but it looks like it is an intentional thing.

30under Mon 21-Sep-20 15:44:12

Could it be some code to confirm you sent it? I can't tell eBay that one item was collected in person, it seems to want a code (which I don't have).

JeSuisPrest Mon 21-Sep-20 15:44:17

Wiser. I'm wide enough already thanks!

Mummydaydreams Mon 21-Sep-20 15:45:37

Yes saw this last week on an address for an item I sold, I assumed it was a mistake and left it out of the address label

PennyDreadfuI Mon 21-Sep-20 15:49:27

Ah thank you all!

Oddly enough I've had two parcels from eBay in the last few weeks which took ages to get here - both were first class from private sellers and they took well over a week. I didn't notice if they had the numbers in the address though and just assumed it was because of Covid.

My printer is out of commission at the moment so I've had to handwrite all my address labels, numbers and all!

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PennyDreadfuI Mon 21-Sep-20 15:50:37


Why not check with her? I used to have my items delivered to an off-licence and they used a name and number system to allow me to collect them and I’d have been really pissed off if someone removed that from the address without telling me.

The click and collect numbers are different and they're always for a shop/c&c point - these are all for private addresses.

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SlopesOff Mon 21-Sep-20 15:50:53

I take the address from the sold e.mail which is normal apart from the stupid idea they have of putting the post code halfway through the address instead of at the end.

When I checked it later on Ebay it had one of those combinations on it which I had assumed was something the buyer had put in, it was too late to do anything as it was already posted with the name and proper address in the correct order, you know, with the postcode at the end, not in the middle.

I still use stamps and write the address by hand. Was going to look into using Ebay postage but this messing about has put me off

simbobs Mon 21-Sep-20 15:52:33

It's a new thing on ebay, nothing to do with either the buyer or the seller.

SlopesOff Mon 21-Sep-20 15:55:46

This explains it - found in Community on Ebay boards

SlopesOff Mon 21-Sep-20 15:56:41

And here:

lifeiswhatyoufakeit Mon 21-Sep-20 16:00:12

It's a new eBay feature that allows parcels to be tracked through the system, but is only relevant if you purchase postage labels through eBay, etc. If you arrange your own postage you can either delete if you cut and paste address from PayPal, etc, or not add it if you write it out by hand.

FallonsTeaRoom Mon 21-Sep-20 17:10:24

Makes it easier for Ebay packages to be identified for easier nicking. wink.

Brogues Mon 21-Sep-20 18:06:26

I had a weird combo on a handwritten package and I was wondering if it had been something that had come up automatically in the address field. Last time I posted some things off on eBay (a few months ago) I had to move some text about to make the addresses fit in the right places.

SallySolardel Wed 23-Sep-20 16:02:33

I received a parcel today with "ebayy4p8buj" in the address which I thought was weird!

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