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Come and tell me your unpopular opinion- something up til now that you’ve been scared to say...

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ItchyScratch Sat 19-Sep-20 19:51:55

🚨 (Light hearted thread alert)

I HATE prosecco- it’s horrible- it’s tastes like fizzy piss. (No i’ve never tasted urine before but this is how I imagine it would taste)

I also hate crisps. They are the opposite of cake- mmm cake.

Mrs Browns Boys is not funny whatsoever. I tried to watch a few episodes but my eyes started bleeding.

I hate watching people dancing. It’s boring. I do not understand why Strictly is so popular.

Please tell me your unpopular opinions? grin

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ItchyScratch Sat 19-Sep-20 19:53:22

Also if someone can tell me what The theme tune is from that BBC radio one use for this segment as it’s bugging me.

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WildRosie Sat 19-Sep-20 19:56:02

Apart from the crisps, I agree with all you say, Itchy.

For my part, I just adore Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings. I think feminism is arrant nonsense. And I don't get all the LGBT fuss that pervades society.

That should do it...😉

Wordofwarning Sat 19-Sep-20 19:56:52

I’m with you on Mrs Browns Boys, not vaguely funny.

I loathe it when people don’t fucking indicate. And when you are on a single road and they’ve just past an area that would take 2 seconds to reverse back to but expect you to reverse half a mile as they are lazy or blatantly never learnt to reverse.
This is unpopular as it is ALWAYS other women who do this to me. without fail.

WildRosie Sat 19-Sep-20 19:57:19

Seriously, I can't think of any controversial opinions just now. Maybe later.

Greenandcabbagelooking Sat 19-Sep-20 19:57:36

Mrs Brown's Boys isn't funny.
Mushrooms are horrible.
Food should be served on a plate or in bowl, not in a slate, spade or other tomfoolery.
Hamilton isn't my favourite musical.

Plussizejumpsuit Sat 19-Sep-20 19:58:18

These threads never go that well and just end up with people bitching about stuff loads of people think.

Frazzled13 Sat 19-Sep-20 19:59:13

Bohemian Rhapsody is not a good song.

Bargebill19 Sat 19-Sep-20 20:00:44

I dislike any of those reality type programmes along the lines of toque, made in Essex, kardashians trash. Any programme where animals die - real or animated and anything David Attenborough films as they make me cry and angry.

allfurcoatnoknickers Sat 19-Sep-20 20:01:09

Cake is an abomination.
New Build houses are soulless.
Carpet is revolting.

Eating cake in a fully carpeted, new build house is clearly my nightmare.

TableFlowerss Sat 19-Sep-20 20:01:43

Mayonnaise? Wtf is the fascination with it? It’s on pretty much every shop bought sandwich you buy. It’s like white vinegary minging off cream - why is so appealing?!

And smoked salmon? Slimey ‘raw’ too chewy.... eugh

Sunshinelarder Sat 19-Sep-20 20:02:40

wildrose feminism is nonsense. Why do you feel that way? I’m genuinely interested not trying I provoke a big argument just to be clear!!!

PolaDeVeboise Sat 19-Sep-20 20:03:45

Gin is minging, in ALL its incarnations. Vodka rules.

Harrykanesrightsock Sat 19-Sep-20 20:03:55

Lewis Capaldi is very overrated.
Gravy ruins a Sunday Roast
Biscuits aren’t nice

BloggersBlog Sat 19-Sep-20 20:04:35

I hate Nandos. Overpriced and not very tasty

I hate all Soaps and just dont get Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or like you OP Mrs Browns Boys

Sunshinelarder Sat 19-Sep-20 20:04:48

My unpopular opinion is women are in general better at running a home naturally than men are and that it is intrinsic to them rather than put upon them as people like to suggest. That’s not to say I think women should be stuck running a home and doing nothing else, by the way. Just that they are naturally better at it. Haters gonna hate but there we are.

Wherearefoxssocks Sat 19-Sep-20 20:04:51

Jaffa cakes are horrible

WildRosie Sat 19-Sep-20 20:04:53

Sunshinelarder. I'm not serious. I was just pulling the collective MN leg. I'm aware feminism is a big thing on here so I thought I'd see if someone would bite!

Wordofwarning Sat 19-Sep-20 20:05:30


It’s fucking everywhere and the health food of choice as it’s slow release .....

Actually it’s slimy snot in a bowl with the texture of warm sick. And colourless. And vile. Slow release my arse it’s like concrete.

This is swiftly followed by “Bircher” muesli. Cold sick texture, occasionally coloured (sometimes like pink blacmange) and over priced literally EVEYWHERE one menu.

ItchyScratch Sat 19-Sep-20 20:05:42

Totally agree on the new builds. I live in a city where all of a sudden they are popping up EVERYWHERE and as I like walking I watch the progress and it is so unbelievably shocking how quickly they are knocked up.
Definitely soulless

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Sunshinelarder Sat 19-Sep-20 20:06:15

Also hate Nandos with a passion. And coke.

TableFlowerss Sat 19-Sep-20 20:06:38


Lewis Capaldi is very overrated.
Gravy ruins a Sunday Roast
Biscuits aren’t nice

Gravy ruins a Sunday dinner?! Are you joking? You are weird wink

ItchyScratch Sat 19-Sep-20 20:06:51

Noooooooo!! Not Harry!!

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Sunshinelarder Sat 19-Sep-20 20:07:02

wildrose definitely had me there!! grin

Sparklingbrook Sat 19-Sep-20 20:07:13

Does Greg James know you've nicked his feature?

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