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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died

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BubblyWater Sat 19-Sep-20 00:48:52

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. Feeling quite teary. What an incredible incredible women she was. A true inspiration.

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BringBackDoves Sat 19-Sep-20 00:52:23

Just seen this. Such an inspiration. Wish she could have gone on forever. There’s a brilliant documentary about her called RBG which is well worth a watch.

KatDubs261 Sat 19-Sep-20 00:54:30

Sad. And bloody amazing woman.

Gremlinsateit Sat 19-Sep-20 00:54:42

Oh no! That is terrible news sad

bubblebubblebubbletrouble Sat 19-Sep-20 00:55:34

Very sad news. I like many others was hoping she would stay with us til Trump was gone and couldn't select her replacement.

DubaiDublin73 Sat 19-Sep-20 01:00:48

Oh no 😞

rosesandcashmere Sat 19-Sep-20 01:02:18

An amazing woman. This is really sad news

BubblyWater Sat 19-Sep-20 01:04:38

@BringBackDoves yes, the RBG documentary film was fantastic.

The US Supreme Court already has a conservative majority so the loss of the Great Dissenter is a huge concern.

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AgeLikeWine Sat 19-Sep-20 01:04:38

That is such sad news, she was a wonderful person, a liberal icon and a pioneer for women in the law. I was randomly thinking about her earlier today, how odd.

EineReiseDurchDieZeit Sat 19-Sep-20 01:05:37


MrsTerryPratchett Sat 19-Sep-20 01:06:57

I love the Notorious RBG. What a woman.

RIP. Unfortunately RIP women's rights in the USA.

MouseholeCat Sat 19-Sep-20 01:07:42

This is devastating. She's left an amazing legacy. The stakes for the next 7 weeks could not be higher now, I hate that this is how it is for the US right now.

Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Sat 19-Sep-20 01:12:58

What a loss, she was a giant.

I fear for women’s rights in the USA

OvaHere Sat 19-Sep-20 01:19:24

I get the feeling this will be quite the watershed moment in American history.

Remarkable woman with a big legacy.

nocoolnamesleft Sat 19-Sep-20 01:20:12

A truly inspirational woman.

nachthexe Sat 19-Sep-20 01:21:05

I’m so sad. And horrified at what it means.

BananaPop2020 Sat 19-Sep-20 01:25:46

Truly sad to hear this

froggygoneacourting Sat 19-Sep-20 01:34:04


safariboot Sat 19-Sep-20 01:35:29

She will be missed.

And no doubt the same Republican senators that blocked Obama's nomination in 2016 will be happy to wave through Trump's nomination even later in his presidency.

ChaBishkoot Sat 19-Sep-20 01:56:25

On Rosh Hashanah too. Baruch dayan ha’emet.

Nancydrawn Sat 19-Sep-20 02:09:44

This is very, very, very bad news.

The Republicans are certainly going to put a justice through before the new senate/presidential term starts. (This is despite blocking a nominee in 2016, when Justice Antonin Scalia died 256 days out from the election. At that time, the senate leader said it was too close to the election. He has made it clear that he is a sheer hypocrite and will push someone through with 50 days to go.)

That means the court will shift very far right. And that's it for a generation. I'm not exaggerating.

If there is any contestation about the election, they will toss the ballots and put Trump in power.

There goes abortion access, gun control, healthcare, and keeping money out of elections. For 30 years.

It's overwhelmingly bad.

On a personal note, she was an amazing woman and an inspiration. That it happened on Rosh Hashanah is such a cruel irony. What a way to begin a new year. May her memory be a blessing.

Nancydrawn Sat 19-Sep-20 02:10:55

Sorry that's 269 days, not 259. And we have 46 days left.

hopelesschildren Sat 19-Sep-20 02:16:03

Loss on many accounts

asprinklingofsugar Sat 19-Sep-20 02:37:14

I'm in a group chat with a number of US friends and they're all devastated, and worried about what will happen next.

RAOK Sat 19-Sep-20 04:42:44

Rest in peace remarkable lady.

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