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80s (or thereabouts) song lyrics thread 12

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CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 18-Sep-20 21:55:44

Here we go you lovely lot, Thread 11.

Post some lyrics of a song 70s, 80s, 90s (boundaries may be slightly pushed either way). State the decade & we will try to guess Artist(s) and song.

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CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 18-Sep-20 21:59:25

Over here you lot!


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Honeyroar Fri 18-Sep-20 22:13:58

Just checking in while you’ve mentioned it, so it’s on my “you’re on” list. Tags still don’t seem to work for me!

FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 22:14:05

Am I the first one here? Better have a good one, then.

This is the sound of my soul


Honeyroar Fri 18-Sep-20 22:14:35

🤣 pipped you!

Honeyroar Fri 18-Sep-20 22:15:21

And it’s Spandau Ballet’s True.

FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 22:16:12

Ever since thread 1, honey 😤

CarnageAtTheGardenCentre Fri 18-Sep-20 22:27:16

Checking in 🙂

Torvean32 Fri 18-Sep-20 22:47:45

Hope its ok to join.

All the school kids so sick of books
They like the punk and the metal band


CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 18-Sep-20 22:55:07

@zaphodbeeble Please come on over!

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CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 18-Sep-20 22:59:05

@Torvean32 welcome to the thread!

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CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 18-Sep-20 23:07:30

This was Honey's from thread 11


*So i am wonder Mike
And I’d like to say hello

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FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 23:23:12

Torvean, the bangles. Walk like an Egyptian

FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 23:23:39

Correct with true, honey

FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 23:25:13

Your friends seem to think that you're so peachy keen
But my friends say neglect is on your mind - who's right?


FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 23:27:51

Er war superstar
Er war popular
Er war so exultiert
Because er hatte flair


NeedToKnow101 Fri 18-Sep-20 23:31:37

Hello! Or, Hevvo!

NeedToKnow101 Fri 18-Sep-20 23:34:23


I'm going to see the folks i dig
I'll even kiss a sunset pig

CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 18-Sep-20 23:42:21

Rats. Spot the typo in the lead 🙄.

This is Thread 12!!!!!!

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FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 23:44:11


FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 23:45:05

And you forgot @MarthasGinYard

FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 23:46:31

I can't go to bed yet... waiting for vile lemsip to cool. I hate lemsip.

Duets have occurred to me

CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 18-Sep-20 23:47:34

I apologise, but did leave a message to all saying please join us here.
@MarthasGinYard, I hope you find us.

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FlouncerInDenial Fri 18-Sep-20 23:48:14

And your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
They tell me how much you care

80s (apparently. Thought it was 70s)

CoffeeBeansGalore Fri 18-Sep-20 23:49:30

@FlouncerInDenial Apparently adding honey & gin makes it taste better

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