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Quick one please- is the kitchen aid splash guard/splatter guard worth getting?

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WhereToCut Tue 15-Sep-20 15:19:01

Reviews on amazon are a bit useless - but couple saying useless has made me pause before buying? I have the 4.3L Classic.

Thank you

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LetMeTryAgain Tue 15-Sep-20 17:28:04


LetMeTryAgain Tue 15-Sep-20 17:29:07

Especially if baking with children.

LongDivision Tue 15-Sep-20 17:30:57

Mine came with one but I've never used it!

villainousbroodmare Tue 15-Sep-20 17:37:01

I have a Kenwood mixer and I mostly use the bowl cover when making icing to prevent a fine mist of stickiness everywhere. But specifically the KitchenAid one, I don't know.

Michaelbaubles Tue 15-Sep-20 17:38:08

The plastic cover thing? Yeah, I use mine all the time (although it came with, I don’t know if I’d have bought one separately). But it’s really useful and you can add stuff while it’s on.

olderthanyouthink Tue 15-Sep-20 18:20:29

I don't have one, I mainly make bread and it's not an issue but I can see when making cakes it being nice to have

Best attachment is the grater, DP wants it if we ever split hmm

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