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Have you left your alcoholic/addict partner/spouse?

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BritInAus Tue 15-Sep-20 07:13:21

I left my partner of more than ten years earlier this year. They went from being a big drinker to a functional alcoholic to a full blown alcoholic over the last year of our relationship. Life not living with them is so much better and more peaceful and I am 100% I made the right decision, for myself and our child.

I have a wonderfully supportive family, good friends and a great therapist. However, I would love to chat with anyone who is in / has been in a similar situation, and just 'gets it'.

I took part in a couple of Al Anon telephone meetings a few months ago, but didn't feel I quite fitted in there - the other members had all chosen to stick by their partners/kids. Nobody had separated.

Anyway, would love to hear from anyone who understands and might like to chat. Cheers

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Flyonawalk Tue 15-Sep-20 10:28:25

I just wanted to say a huge Well Done. I have not been in this situation in my own marriage but my parents was like yours. My mother stayed. I wish every day that she had left. My siblings and I endured terrible things and my mother died early as a result of my father’s alcoholism. The harm caused to us all was enormous and is still being felt.

It must have taken huge courage to leave as you did, and I am sure your DC will appreciate that you prioritised and protected them. Leaving a hopeless situation is not the same as giving up - rather it is recognising a sad reality. Well done and I wish you and your DC a great life flowersflowersflowers

Bigyellowsunshine Tue 15-Sep-20 10:43:21

I left my partner 8 years ago after almost 10 years. I’m pleased to say he’s now 6/7 years without a drink and we remain friends. Happy to chat if you’d like to pm me though I’m at work now (skiving - clearly)

BritInAus Tue 15-Sep-20 11:46:23

@Flyonawalk thank you - it was incredibly kind of you to reply and your words mean a lot. I’m so sorry to hear your family life was impacted so sadly by alcoholism. It truly is an awful thing. Thank you again.

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BritInAus Tue 15-Sep-20 11:46:52

@Bigyellowsunshine thank you! I will do.

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