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Any dentists about?

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keekss Tue 15-Sep-20 00:31:29

I'm in soooo much pain with my bottom teeth. I have this radiating pain that keeps coming and going and it feels weird. It's suddenly come out of nowhere but it's painful.

I have been using tooth whitening strips lately so I'm guessing it could be something to do with that sad

Anybody ever experienced this before?

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YerAWizardHarry Tue 15-Sep-20 00:35:03

It'll be sensitivity caused the the whitening strips. They're actually really bad for your teeth and gums unfortunately

keekss Tue 15-Sep-20 00:38:55

@YerAWizardHarry Oh dear sad I've been using them every night for about a week now!

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Heatherjayne1972 Tue 15-Sep-20 07:06:57

Use some de sensitising toothpaste. Just dab a bit on at night as well as brushing with it
Stop the whitening
Get it checked by your dentist

MillyMollyMardy Tue 15-Sep-20 11:59:20

Hypersensitivity from the strips.It escalates the longer you do them. Stop them. Sensitive toothpaste smeared around the base of your teeth several times a day.
It should settle within a few days. If it doesn't call your dentist as there are de-sensitisers they can apply.

keekss Tue 15-Sep-20 20:16:03

Thanks everyone. Will definitely stop using the strips, didn't realise how bad they actually are!

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