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Anyone got more than one sky Q box. Question for u.

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Paranoidmarvin Mon 14-Sep-20 19:41:59

We added two more sky Q boxes to our house. So now we have a total of three. Two downstairs and one upstairs.

Does anyone have this many? We have been getting connection problems ever since. Turning the box on and the network not connecting. The sound going off for two seconds continuously while watching something.

Spoke to sky. Been on google. For no help. My last resort is on here. Anyone else have the same problem. Fed up with turning the box on and having to fuss about every time.

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Penguin1612 Mon 14-Sep-20 19:44:49

I have three, one downstairs and 2 up, im sorry but ive never had any connection problems with then at all, and can watch different tv on all three at the same time.

What broadband do you have? Sounds like its that rather than the sky itself. I pay for skys top tier fibre service and it works well.

Paranoidmarvin Mon 14-Sep-20 19:47:32

Hmmm maybe that’s it. I have the best I can have for where I live. It got worse when we added the one upstairs. Was fine before that. I asked that to the sky engineer and the people at sky. Everyone said that wouldn’t be it.

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Obviouslynotallthere Mon 14-Sep-20 19:50:54

I have. 3. Main box in lounge which is middle floor. Sky signal booster in lobby with a mini q box in the room next to it and a mini q top floor. O have a 70s town house with block walls so the WiFi round the house needs the booster.

kimlo Mon 14-Sep-20 19:51:07

I only have 2 boxes.

Sometimes you have to reset the main box by turning it off for a while, which annoys the people watching the downstairs box when it's me having issues upstairs. I did have more issues before I upgraded to fiber broadband.

Saranvenya Mon 14-Sep-20 19:54:26

We have 3 and since upgrading to super fast fibre have had little or no connection! Fiddling with boxes/hub etc.
Engineer came today ( the 3rd one in 2 months) and now I have another engineer coming Friday.
Keep phoning them and don't stop until it's fixed.

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