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What to do??

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kevinshomealone Mon 14-Sep-20 19:06:40

Name changed as lots of identifying things but penis beaker/cancel cheque, etc!!

So we had a text yesterday (Sun) from DC's secondary school asking us to keep DC home as a teacher had tested positive for Covid.

Except we have 2 DC at this school. It wasn't clear which DC it meant. We initially assumed DC1 as his friends had also had a msg.

DH called school first thing & it was actually DC2!!! We had no choice but to leave DC2 at home today while we went to work. He was absolutely fine, did homework, made his own lunch and I got home early as was allowed to leave school at lunchtime. DC2 is 11.

But he's now off for 14 days. Neither of us can take leave. I am a teacher, DH is one of the only unfurloughed staff in his company.

Would you leave your sensible 11 yr old secondary school child at home? DH and I are contactable and we have a relative 5 mins round the corner in an emergency. He can't stay with any family as they all work or have health issues & are vulnerable. Technically he shouldn't leave the house anyway according to the guidance!

He's v sensible (even more so than his older sibling who is 14!)

My DDad pulled a face when I said DC2 was home alone today and I'm questioning myself. He also said it was illegal but I take this with a pinch of salt as he's not far off 12 anyway. I'm not sure what the bloody hell I'm meant to do otherwise!! Ironically, my parents help with childcare under normal circumstances but as I say, they're over 70 & v vulnerable.

What would you do? I personally feel he'll be absolutely fine but I'm questioning myself now. (Thanks DDad!!) grin

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Crystalknobs Mon 14-Sep-20 19:11:45

I think he’ll be ok , it’s not forever, you’re on the end of the phone and there’s a relative close by . Unfortunately, needs must these days .
And fwiw, there is no legal minimum age regarding leaving a child alone, it’s whether they have been left in a dangerous situation or not and it doesn’t sound as if this will be the case.

kevinshomealone Mon 14-Sep-20 22:16:02

Yeah, that's what I thought too @Crystalknobs.

I'm pretty confident that he'll be fine. He is as well. Like you say, these are strange times and needs must!!

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