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Ring Doorbell / Smart CCTV System

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TokenGinger Mon 14-Sep-20 13:06:28

Does anybody have the Ring doorbell? There seems so many options and I don't know which to go for!

Do you have to buy anything additional for it to make a noise inside the house when somebody buzzes the bell, or does the noise only come through to your phone? Or can Alexa make a noise when it's pressed?

Aside from that, does anybody have any smart CCTV systems either linked to it, or separate to it?

I currently have an old school wired CCTV system that doesn't feed through to my phone, and I'd prefer one that does do that. I've been looking at the Blink cameras which look good but I'm wondering if they'd remove the need for the Ring if we were to have one at the front anyway?

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