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Sausage roll alternatives

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Grumpbum123 Mon 14-Sep-20 20:17:31

This with pesto and cheese

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Mon 14-Sep-20 20:17:21

Spread either tomato puree or marmite on it. Cover with grated cheese. Roll it up. Cut into slices. Bake.

SleepingStandingUp Mon 14-Sep-20 20:13:39

Eccles cakes or cinnamon rolls

soloula Mon 14-Sep-20 20:11:51

Haggis instead of sausage meat -delicious. Or if you wanted to be really classy you could do chicken in white sauce in a tin or steak pie filling for greggs style pasties?

newgirl14 Mon 14-Sep-20 16:08:21

We do some nice tarts with puff pastry. Just unroll and cut into a rectangle. Oil the sides (about an inch) then spread something like pesto or onion chutney on the base and the. Add whatever toppings you may want like courgette, goats cheese, spinach etc. 15 mins in oven and we usually serve with new potatoes 😋

Abit like this...

IndiaMay Mon 14-Sep-20 10:31:28

Puff pastry pizza! 1000x better than any pizza I've had. We roll it onto a baking tray. Put tomato base and topping on and bake for 20 mins

iloveredwine Mon 14-Sep-20 10:29:07

Asda do fresh sausage meat that I use to make sausage and egg muffins at the weekend

Redraptor Mon 14-Sep-20 10:24:39

Thank you. I feel a bit silly that I hadn't thought to squeeze sausages. I love the pizza idea

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pastabest Mon 14-Sep-20 10:17:07

I just skin normal sausages.

However I'm also quite partial to a bacon and cheese twist as seen in greggs.

AriettyHomily Mon 14-Sep-20 10:14:12

We make pizza type things bake for 15 minutes then take it out and add whatever toppings you like and put it back in for another 15.

Or could you just buy sausages and squeeze the meat out...?

Acunningruse Mon 14-Sep-20 10:13:57

Just use any sausages and take the skin off. I always do this it's much tastier than sausage meat which cN be greasy.

Oldraver Mon 14-Sep-20 10:13:23

I usually use some good sausages. I make a sausgae plait and mix in onions and sage

Chese rolls are nice as well

Redraptor Mon 14-Sep-20 10:08:59

Can anyone give me some recipes for sausage roll alternatives?

Tesco accidentally gave me a sheet of puff pastry this week and husband wanted sausage rolls but I'm struggling to find sausage meat. Dont really fancy cheese and onion either. No fake meat ideas

Or just any good ideas of what to do with a sheet of puff pastry, sweet or savory

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