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If you were born in the early 1980's;

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lucysmam Fri 11-Sep-20 19:37:44

what music did your parents listen to?

I'm working my way through the Eurythmics, The Beatles and Paul Simon atm.

What else might my dad have listened to when I was young???

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AuntyPasta Fri 11-Sep-20 19:39:22

It might be handy to know how old (roughly)/your dad was at the time.

Spied Fri 11-Sep-20 19:39:32

My mum listened to Wham mostly.
I also remember Boy George Culture Club.

CandleWick4 Fri 11-Sep-20 19:39:52

I was ‘85 and my parents listened to Eurythmics, Blondie, Paul Young and Huey Lewis. My dad also listens to a lot of early Elton John and he likes Toto if I remember rightly

Susannahmoody Fri 11-Sep-20 19:40:14

Soul music

Susannahmoody Fri 11-Sep-20 19:40:47

My mum loved Queen (innuendo)

lucysmam Fri 11-Sep-20 19:41:40

@AuntyPasta he'll have been 30 ish

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PontiacBandit Fri 11-Sep-20 19:43:00

My Mum was into Motown, Sister Sledge and five star. My Dad was more into Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner.

usernamewastaken Fri 11-Sep-20 19:43:44

Born in 1980. Mum listened to the Beatles, Rolling Stones. Dad was more Aretha, Otis, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles.

BeeFarseer Fri 11-Sep-20 19:43:45

My Dad listened to a lot of Pink Floyd.

Mandalalorianna Fri 11-Sep-20 19:43:53

Depeche Mode, the Smiths, the Cure, the Stranglers

Smellbellina Fri 11-Sep-20 19:43:54

Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, The Beach Boys.

Thinkpinkstink Fri 11-Sep-20 19:45:03

Our house was all Paul Simon, The Housemartins and Squeeze.

WaltzingBetty Fri 11-Sep-20 19:45:05

Queen, Roxy music, Tina Turner, Bowie, cliff richard, meatloaf, Bon jovi, pet shop boys, u2, sting and the police, human league

katmunchkin Fri 11-Sep-20 19:45:22

Metallica, Black Sabbath, Sladesmile

glasshalfsomething Fri 11-Sep-20 19:45:50

Billy Joel, Gene Pitney, Wet Wet Wet, eurythmics, deacon blue, Fleetwood Mac, eagles. Anything you find on a driving or rock ballad mix album these days.

GlennRheeismyfavourite Fri 11-Sep-20 19:46:06

Also Pet Shop Boys - always makes me think of my dad. My mum has always listened to Neil Diamond!

BewareTheBeardedDragon Fri 11-Sep-20 19:46:27

Beatles, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel

Ratbagratty Fri 11-Sep-20 19:46:28

Credence Clear water, queen, meatloaf, Springsteen, erasure.

weebarra Fri 11-Sep-20 19:47:31

Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits, Eurythmics, ELO, Paul Simon.

Alwaysinpain Fri 11-Sep-20 19:48:05

Fleetwood Mac & Lionel Richie for my Dad and Cliff Richard and all the 60's classics for my Mum!

But then my Mum was 40 when she had me and my Dad was 45 so a little older than average parents of kids my age. (I was born in 84)

YessicaHaircut Fri 11-Sep-20 19:48:27

I was born in ‘83 and my parents were both around 30 then. I grew up listening to: the Beatles, Paul Simon, Queen, Joe Jackson, Neil Young, Talking Heads, Janis Ian, Cream, David Bowie, John Martyn, Fleetwood Mac.

YorkshireLawyer Fri 11-Sep-20 19:48:55

Queen, Eurythmics, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, Tom Petty, REM, Genesis/Phil Collins, Meatloaf, Enya, Belinda Carlisle 😂

All music that makes me massively nostalgic for my childhood (born 1983). One of my greatest pleasures in adult life is taking my dad to live music because he loves music but going to see bands was just never a thing he’d have thought of doing when I was growing up.

ibuiltahomeforyou Fri 11-Sep-20 19:49:59

I was born in 83 and Df listened to Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell and Tracey Chapman.

MobLife Fri 11-Sep-20 19:50:41

Pet shop boys, Fleetwood Mac, Simply Red, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson, The Kinks, Phil Collins, Clannad

They also loved a good movie soundtrack-the music to Buster and Top Gun remind me so much of my childhood!

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