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6 weeks pregnant but symptoms gone!

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Crumble86 Fri 11-Sep-20 10:53:37

I am so anxious, I am 6 weeks pregnant after a missed miscarriage a couple of months ago. I had Beta's done at 14dpo (158) and 18dpo (1098) which i think shows good progression. I've done a CB digital and says 3+ weeks. Despite this I am worried as with my MMC i lost any mild symptoms i had at 5 weeks and subsequent scans showed it had died about that time. This wait is just hell! I should be thrilled as i got engaged this week too but i can't help but think the worst. when i found out i was pregnant at 10dpo that week i had mild nausea etc all the symptoms you want to prove to yourself your pg! Now not much!

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Pavlova31 Fri 11-Sep-20 17:39:26

Not a medical person but giving your thread a bump and hope all turns out to be well.
Congratulations on your Engagement smile

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