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Leggings for narrow lanky 5 yo

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randomsabreuse Thu 10-Sep-20 18:01:44

School now expects DC to wear dark leggings/joggers for PE 2 days a week (and all day as no changing) which means she probably needs some more as her current leggings (age 3-4) are around mid calf and starting to acquire holes, while being a comfortable and secure fit around the waist. I have yet to retire clothing due to width on this child!

Got some 5-6 from Sainsbury's and the length is perfect but they tend to make a bid for freedom and sag at the waist, this is more of a concern on annoyance grounds than aesthetics!

Joggers that tie at the waist are less than ideal as chances of being retied properly after the first toilet visit are zero! And are then more likely than leggings to make their way down to the floor!

Any suggestions for reasonably priced shops who do plain dark leggings for narrow but leggy children - Sainsbury's used to be my go to! Reasonable price due to high risk if acquiring holes in the knees!


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Lou573 Thu 10-Sep-20 18:03:33

Joules are good for my skinny long legged daughter.

Laiste Thu 10-Sep-20 18:06:25

Are they not allowed mid calf length leggings for their PE? You could just buy her a couple of new sets of the old 3/4's if so.

My DD (6 years old) is exactly the same! smile

randomsabreuse Thu 10-Sep-20 18:09:15

They're allowed but suspect as we go into winter it might be a bit cold (Scotland) and trigger objections from the wearer!

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RedCatBlueCat Thu 10-Sep-20 18:09:59

Different, but weve just bought my skinny 11yr old (DS) a pair of under leggings from Amazon. He will put his school issue shorts on top. They FIT! Well, just about fit! And will have the bonus of making his waist a bit bigger to keep his shorts up.
Might a pair of running bottoms from a sports shop work?

randomsabreuse Thu 10-Sep-20 22:26:38

@RedCatBlueCat annoyingly I've yet to find running leggings in her size, as she is a keen runner.

If it was just PE she'd be wearing the age 2-3 shorts I picked up for nursery sports day, but full day at school with all windows open, in Scotland probably justifies full leg coverage!

She's not that light - 25th centile for weight (10th for BMI last time we checked) - as she's quite muscular, especially legs but there's no fat and she's a narrow build - her "smart" uniform is pinafores because I have even more trouble with skirts!

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BrownOwlknowsbest Thu 10-Sep-20 22:33:42

Maybe buy her some joggers with pullcords and tread some elastic through the hole that has the cord in it. That should keep them up without need of tying.

BogRollBOGOF Thu 10-Sep-20 22:35:51

Decathlon is quite lean cut. My DCs can actually wear age appropriate clothes and keep them up!

Crabbo Thu 10-Sep-20 22:38:38

Lindex - they have adjustable waists and do thicker leggings for the winter as well.

RedCatBlueCat Thu 10-Sep-20 22:39:41

Not what we bought, but these go small

CloudSingsAloud Fri 11-Sep-20 00:38:57

Next do some tall leggings, not sure from what size though.
I got some small plastic things from a haberdashery for my DS's trousers. They've two holes and a spring loaded button. Push button in and you can thread the two ends of the cord through, release button and it traps them. Saves having to re-tie trousers.

Dauphinois Fri 11-Sep-20 06:49:13

I buy Joules leggings from their EBay outlet. They're the only ones my fussy DD will wear!

Countmeout Fri 11-Sep-20 06:51:42

Zara have leggings that seem to fit. We’ve even sized up for very long legged skinny 8 year old and they’ve still been great.

Millie2013 Fri 11-Sep-20 06:55:58

I feel your pain, I have a leggy, although not very tall, skinny 7yo. I end up getting MIL to take leggings in. Echo Joules though, we’ve had them from there in the past and they seemed to be a slimmer fit

NightmareLoon Fri 11-Sep-20 07:00:45

We've had good luck with H&M, but the material can be quite thin.

Bobojangles Fri 11-Sep-20 07:02:03

My 4 year old is very skinny, Asda is a much better bet than Sainsbury's, I find they come up smallest of any of the shops (Sainsbury's and m&s are big, Morrisons, next and Matalan are middle and Asda is smallest)

Passthecake30 Fri 11-Sep-20 07:08:27

Primark, and dart at the waist to pull them in. Or Primark boys skinny joggers as the pull cord actually works!

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