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What’s Happening In Your House?

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BrandyandBabycham Wed 09-Sep-20 19:36:10

Anyone up to much? DH is making sausage pasta which has become one of our fav meals. So simple & hearty. DD11 is on her phone in her room. I’m on antibiotics but still having a cheeky glass or two of rose wine. Looking forward to Corrie & Ambulance later 🙂🙂

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Finfintytint Wed 09-Sep-20 19:40:29

I’m ignoring the washing up after a slow cooker lemon chicken meal. DH is catching up on the Tour De France and the Cat is snoozing on the back of the sofa. I’m awaiting a call from DS who is about to move house with his girlfriend.

RightOnTheEdge Wed 09-Sep-20 19:44:45

I'm having a bubble bath because I've been front of house in a busy pub/restaurant all day and my legs were aching.
The dc are on their xbox headsets talking to friends.

I need to go get them off now but I'm finding it very hard to make myself get out.

Koalaismyspiritanimal Wed 09-Sep-20 19:46:06

DD2 having post bath, pre bed cuddles. DD1 in bath. DH watching a Freddie Mercury documentary. I'm having a quiet 5 mins mumsnetting...

Koalaismyspiritanimal Wed 09-Sep-20 19:47:15

Ooh and DKitten stuffing face

lotsolove Wed 09-Sep-20 19:50:58

Sitting on the sofa wondering how my life came to be like this.

Cheesewine Wed 09-Sep-20 19:57:41

Putting DD to bed. DP works nights so just us. Also wedding planning.

Finfintytint Wed 09-Sep-20 20:00:25

You ok, lotsolove?

CremeEggThief Wed 09-Sep-20 20:03:20

Eating a jacket potato for dinner in the kitchen. DS is on his phone in sitting room.

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 09-Sep-20 20:05:12

Just back from taking DS to rugby training and now trying it get the motivation to sort tomorrow's packed lunches

Rossita Wed 09-Sep-20 20:06:09

I’m in my bedroom. I’ve told the kids I have some things to prepare for work so I mustn’t be disturbed. Really I’m eating Cadbury’s chocolate eclairs and mumsnetting.

dementedma Wed 09-Sep-20 20:06:58

Just had a bath and having sandwiches for dinner as had a cooked lunch.
DH watching footy, DS on his screens, DD watching TV. All as usual. It’s a bit sad really

WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo Wed 09-Sep-20 20:08:18

Ds is running a bath.

I'm watching wife swap and titting about on here / avoiding eating toast so having a pint of water.

Dp is pretending he isn't watching wife swap and playing some darts game on his phone.

REDLIPSTICKANDNAILS Wed 09-Sep-20 20:08:36

Red wine and Tour de France highlights

Drogonssmile Wed 09-Sep-20 20:14:58

I'm in the bath, Ds1 and ds2 both in bed asleep. DH downstairs reluctantly rearranging the kitchen because we had a new washing machine delivered today and he decided to move everything around (all the drawers etc) without consulting me (who is the one who does all the cooking) so I asked him if he could please put things back the way they were, unless he wanted to take over the role of chief cook and bottle washer.........

Rumtopf Wed 09-Sep-20 20:17:11

Dd in her room revising. Dh watching a film and making a leather wallet and I'm on here, watching the film and crocheting some more of a blanket.

I'm trying to avoid the choc chip cookies I bought that are near the kettle.

Mizzler Wed 09-Sep-20 20:21:06

Dd is in bed asleep.

DH, DCat and I are on the sofa. DH is working on his laptop, dcat is licking his paws and I'm mumsnetting and watching tv.

BlusteryShowers Wed 09-Sep-20 20:22:10

I'm sitting on my sofa with a cuppa while both children are fast asleep upstairs. I'd like a lovely bath but it feels too much like tempting fate. DH is working until 10pm, it's his last shift so he's off now until Saturday.

I'm supposed to be watching Guardians of the Galaxy as I'm working my way through the Marvel series, but I'm too distracted by my phone so I should switch it off. I'm trying to find my next book to read as I finished one last night.

BrandyandBabycham Wed 09-Sep-20 20:58:43

whatwouldyoudo which channel is wife swap on? Used to love that programme!

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TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Wed 09-Sep-20 21:01:44

DS1 and I are watching 3%
DS2 is supposed to be having a bath but the cold water doesn't work so he has to wait for it to cool down. (Which its been doing for at least an hour so I'm sure its OK by now)

WhatWouldYouDoWhatWouldJesusDo Wed 09-Sep-20 21:12:53

Brandy channel 4.

Loads of old episodes and loads of new series of wife swap USA and wife swap new Zealand.

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